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 knowerone blog about articles related to business ideas with less investment and, how to earn money online,  studies and competitive exams tips  , Interesting information,  articles related to festivals,  politics news and scheme launched by the government and some additional topics like General knowledge, precaution and safety for the disease and natural disaster like an earthquake, floods ,Gadget and device

About the Author (About Me) 

my name is Mukesh Maurya and I belong to Vadodara Gujarat I have done civil engineering I have knowledge of AutoCAD I make design and plan  for house I also make isometric drawing I also work in freelancer my purpose to make  this blog is to share some information to people.  from my childhood I had a hobby to write and that's why I used to write a diary every day about my day  my friend suggest me to write blog and earn money that's why I make my first blog knowerone.com .

If you have any query about my post you can ask me any time by my email id  knowerone140@gmail.com I will reply within 24hr.