transport business in india 2018

transport business in india 2018
transport business

How to start a Transport business and how to increase it further 

Friends, in today's time, there is a lot of development in the Indian market. Not only in one area, there is progress in every area. Any business, it depends on the person's plan. The better the person, the better the plan will be, the better in business. If anyone is considered to be the hands of the Indian market to grow, then he is the person who busts with the good plan of our country.

What is Transport Company?

 Friends, first of all, you need to know about the work you want to start. You yourself also know that Transport means traffic and when a business is done through the means of transport, then it is called transport business. The job of a Transport company is to get customers' parochial in their systematic way. You will easily see hundreds of business around you. Not only this, you would be sending yourself as a partial or you will have to work from this service.

How to Start Own Transport Company

Friends, the first step to start any company is to register the company. Friends, to start the Transport business company, you must also register your company according to government rules. In this, it is important to get 3 things in which Shop Acct License, Industry Base and GST Number In this, you will get only Rs 10,000. After that, you can buy your own vehicle and it is a matter of great benefit for you that nowadays many banks are offering 80% loan for it. You just have to arrange 20 percent. You can buy more than 10 vehicles by the loan.

Do not forget that if a Transport business company is open

You are going to open a transport business company. If you think that you will drive your own driving to 10 vehicles, then this will be your craziness because you are going to open a business company. You must keep the drivers for these 10 vehicles. You have several scopes such as Ola Uber Company that you can add to your vehicles. The advantage of the fact is that Ola Uber Company has reached every city now, so you can get your work done by joining it well. After that, we talk about This is an online platform where you can register your company for only 4000 rupees. This will benefit you that many customers in your city use this service. This is a very spread platform and this will increase the number of customers.

How to move forward in the Transport business

To move forward in Transport business, first of all, is necessary, then it is your service. Your company will go as much better as your service and there is no repeat in this matter. The goodwill of your company depends on your work. From the operation of Transport company, you have to take care of everything. Especially you have to always keep in mind that the items of customers etc. are being arranged systematically or not. In the operation of Transport company, you will have to make equal servicing of vehicles, otherwise, your company's goodwill will be at a great risk if the customers do not get it at the time of service


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