matchstick manufacturing business in india

matchstick manufacturing business in india

Starting a profitable business has never been a bad idea, even in this period of economic recession. There are some schools of thought which believe that recession is also the best period for entering some enterprises. So if you want to start your own profitable business, then you should consider joining the matchstick production business.
Since matches are used in almost every home and almost every industrial establishment, the demand for matches is always high. This means that there is huge profit potential in the Matchstick production business.
Regardless of the other means that fire can be burnt, they are not able to take all the vitality of matchstick, especially in this part of the world.

The modern "safety match" was introduced to the public by the Swedish scientist Gustaf Eric Pasch in the 19th century, but his early discovery took place through several important advances, making matches able to succeed today. So if you are looking for a business to join or invest in, you will get a good return in a short time, then you should consider going into this business.

Anyone can start a matchstick manufacturing business on a small scale with strict retention of safety measures. Matchsticks are consumer durable products and demand is increasing day by day. An entrepreneur with knowledge in channel distribution can start a matchstick producing business with medium capital investment.

You need to focus on choosing the appropriate place for this business. Matchstick manufacturing is about dealing with dangerous and explosive items. It is recommended to set up the unit in the industrial area. Otherwise, you will need to deposit 'no objection' from the neighbors where you are setting up the unit.

Business Plan for Matchstick Manufacturing Business

Create a comprehensive business plan for the Matchstick Manufacturing business. Define your business objectives and sales strategies. A customized project report is always recommended in hand. It will give you proper information about  the capital investment, machinery, raw material requirement and source. Get production protocols with the right formula from a trusted source.

Legal compliance for matchstick manufacturing business

Determine the legal pattern of business. Receive 'consent to establish' and 'consent to operate' permission from the pollution control board. There is also a need to get permission from the Fire Department. Get factory license from the government. Department Focus on the safety and fire prevention process. Get sales tax registration from the government. Rights.

Machinery and raw materials for matchstick manufacturing business

Start your production unit through a semi-automatic process. The first matchstick production was labor intensive. Now in the semi-automatic or automated process, different types of machinery are available for the production of a matchstick. Take training from suppliers. Check your customer testimonials before purchase.
Wood is one of the main ingredients used in matchstick production. The word "matchstick" already tells you that wood is the main component, so now you should know the kind of wood that is used to produce a piece of wood and finds that special wood supplier. Other essential raw materials are potassium chlorite, phosphorus sulfide, glass powder, zinc oxide, gum, color dye etc. In addition, you must have mailboxes and external boxes for packaging. Source of raw materials from reliable vendors at reasonable prices.

Marketing of Matchstick Manufacturing Business

When you work with production, you need to come up with good marketing techniques that people get to identify and preserve your product. One of such techniques is to discourage or encourage customers, this will motivate them to buy from you because people always preserve the subsidized product.
In addition, you can sell your product on the market to homes, restaurants, bars, eateries, industrial companies, retailers and wholesalers. You can also brand it for companies who use it for marketing purposes or for individuals for gifts in many celebrations.
Because matchsticks are consumer durable products, it demands branding activity to get market share. Matchsticks are sold in volume. The achievement of this business depends upon the solid channel organize. start offering locally. Provide a fascinating business deal to your channel partners.
In the Matchstick Manufacturing business, you need to focus on the quality of your product and the packaging. Install business tie-ups with retail brands. Ensure the availability of your product at each retail store in the area you are working in.


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