Information about drought and its effect

Natural disasters are directly related to the environment. Drought is also a devastating environmental cell. Dry in common language means lack of water. Long-term water shortage can be considered as the main cause of the disaster caused by drought.
  The loss of crops due to lack of rain is the most common form of drought. Appears in the form of a large area or a long-term dry, horrible natural disaster. Thereby sometimes a situation of famine arises. Drought is a slow disaster, which weakens our economic, industrial and social sphere. It reverses the development process, generates health problems, gives birth to antisocial behavior. This reduces our morale, encourages the affected people to go to other areas, and apart from the affected areas, the areas not affected by the surrounding drought are also untouched by its side effects

Information about drought and its effect
Information about drought and its effect

effects of drought

In drought-affected areas, it takes enough time to recover from the disaster, especially if the severity of the drought is high. Everyday life of people in drought worsens and there is a widespread impact on different areas. Here is how the natural disaster affects the lives of people living in the affected area:

Agricultural loss
The drought has a major impact on agriculture and other related areas because they are directly dependent on ground and surface water. Due to the decrease in crop yield, low rate of livestock production, plant disease, and wind erosion, there are some major effects of drought.

Financial loss for farmers
Farmers are most affected by drought. Crops are not produced in drought-prone areas and farmers' sole income is generated through farming. Farmers are most affected by this situation. Many farmers take loans in an effort to fulfill their needs, which later becomes difficult to pay for them. Due to such situation, farmers' suicide cases are also common.

Risk of wildlife
Due to drought, fire cases have increased in forests and it affects the high-risk wildlife population. Due to burning forests, many wild animals wash their lives while others lose their shelter.

price rise
Prices of various cereals, fruits and vegetables are increasing due to low supply and high demand. Prices of food items such as jams, sauces, and beverages, especially fruits and vegetables, are also increased. In some cases, the goods are imported from other places to meet the demands of the people. Therefore, the value of taxes imposed on prices is high. Retailers who offer goods and services to farmers face financial loss due to low trade.

Soil erosion
Due to continuous drying and its quality decreases moisture in the soil decreases. In some areas, it takes a lot of time to get the ability to get the crops.

The overall impact on the environment
The damage to the environment is due to various species of plants and animals. There is a breakdown of scenario quality and biodiversity. Due to drought also affects air and water quality. However, some of these conditions may be temporary for a longer period of time or even lasting.

Public safety at stake
Due to lack of food and rising prices of various commodities have given birth to crimes such as theft and public security has been betting. This can usually be a conflict between the users of water that creates tension between people.

Countries affected by drought

Some countries that suffer from drought include Albania, Afghanistan, Armenia, Bahrain, the Northeast of Brazil, Burma, Cuba, Morocco, Iran, China, Bangladesh, Botswana, Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, Iran, and Ethiopia.

Drought-affected areas in India

Many states in the country are affected every year by the drought. Statistics show that about a sixth part of the total geographical area of the country living in about 12% of the population is a dry house.

Rajasthan is one of the most drought-hit states in the country. In this state, eleven districts are affected by drought. There is less or less rainfall in these areas and the groundwater level is low. Drought is also a common occurrence in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Every year, every district is affected by the drought.

 possible solution for drought

rainwater harvesting
This tanks and natural reservoirs have the technique of collecting and collecting rainwater so that it can be used later. For everyone, rainwater harvesting must be mandatory. The idea behind this is to use available water.

Ocean water desalination
Seawater desalination should be done so that the vast amount of water stored in the sea may be used for the aim of irrigation and alternative agricultural activities. The government should make big investments in this direction.

Recycle water
Wastewater should be purified and recycled for reuse. This can be done in several ways. To install rain barrels, collect wastewater from ro system, use of shower bucket, save water for washing vegetables and make rain gardens in this direction can help. Water collected from these methods can be used for plants.

Cloud Seeding
Seeding of clouds is finished to change the weather. this can be the way to extend the number of precipitation. There area unit some chemicals used for the aim of iodide, iodide and solid cloud seeding. the govt ought to invest within the searing of clouds to avoid drought-hit areas.

Apply a lot of trees
Construction of deforestation and concrete structures is one in all the causes of rare precipitation. Efforts ought to be created to plant a lot of trees. this easy step will modification matters of the climate and additionally bring alternative positive changes within the setting.

Proper use of water
Every person ought to take responsibility to prevent the waste of this water in order that adequate water is out there throughout low precipitation. the govt ought to take steps to watch the utilization of water.

Run the campaign
The government ought to run the campaign by telling concerning the advantages of rainwater saving, a lot of trees ought to be done and alternative measures ought to be taken to forestall the overall public from drought

some other measure to reduce the impact of drought

  • Providing drinking water for the affected people and animals in a safe place and distribution of medicines and arranging fodder and water for animals is necessary.
  • Techniques like remote sensing, satellite maps obtained from satellite and geographic information systems should be used to find other stores of groundwater.
  • Small dams should be constructed for water harvesting.
  • Drought effects can be limited by planting and by the cultivation of dry crops.
  • By changing the methods of irrigation, water can be prevented by adopting irrigation practices, such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation etc. to prevent misuse of water.
  • Due to climate change and irregularities in water consumption, the drought has become almost per year disaster. The effect of this problem can be reduced by adopting proper water management techniques and by making effective measures of drought management.

Although the govt has created some dry relief schemes, it's not enough to beat the intense drawback of drought. it's vital to require robust steps to avoid this drawback. everyone ought to contribute himself to manage this drawback.


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