how to stop plastic pollution in the ocean

how to stop plastic pollution in the ocean
how to stop plastic pollution in the ocean

Plastic bags spread over the sea have become a very big problem, in which humanity needs to seriously consider. For this, first of all, we need to restrict the throwing of plastics near sea shore and water bodies. The methods given below can be solved with such problems.

  •  Keep out oils, fat, or oil from the sink. Stop from pouring cooking oil, fat or oil down the kitchen sink. Rather, keep a container that gathers every one of the fats, oil or oil at that point dispose of in strong waste.
  • We should avoid throwing plastic bags in and around the open because, in the end, they reach the sea while passing through many aquatic routes.
  • We should increase the recycling and recycling of plastic by arranging a good recycling system.
  • Currently, the distribution and packing system depend on plastic, in which change is required. For this, we need to pay attention to the environmentally friendly measures, to protect the marine life.
  • We must adopt fully biodegradable plastic bags, which are made from plants and adapted to the environment.
  • We must establish a system of fully recycling plastic bags.
  • We need to bring awareness about this issue in the general public and there is a need to educate the people about plastic use.
  • We should always clean the coastal areas of our area and ensure the disposal of plastic bags, from which the plastic cannot be flown in the sea.
  • At the same time, we need to encourage research to safeguard marine life with the fatal consequences of plastic.
  • By controlling the production of plastic, the extent of the safety of marine life can also be ensured.
  • By marking those areas, where the plastic is disposed of in the amount, the use of plastic in those places and areas should be strictly prohibited.

Prevention is the Best Action 

We should put a complete ban on the use of plastic bags because this is the best solution to this problem. In order to promote such restrictions, governments across the world should pay heavy taxes on plastic bags. In this case, some well-known countries like Spain, Croatia, Greece, and Israel have already imposed heavy taxes on the use of plastic bags, thereby causing huge reductions in the use of plastic bags in these countries. Taking lessons from these countries, we need to reduce the production of plastic bags as well as reduce their production.

 Public awareness is important for Conserving Marine Life.

We have already identified this problem as to how plastic bags are reaching in the sea and now there is a need to make meaningful initiatives about this problem. We need to make stringent laws regarding stopping plastic production to keep the marine environment clean. With this, we also need to follow such rules strictly. Apart from this, we need to make people aware of this problem and give information about all the rules related to it.

It is most essential to increase public awareness of the disposal of plastic bags in this regard. Apart from this, we also need the development of such a system, in which at least the use of plastic bags will be used. In other words, we should only encourage the use of plastic bags that can be recycled, or the entire ban on all types of plastic bags is the best solution to this problem.


Throwing plastic bags in open areas is a major problem because, in the end, these drains are found in the ocean, through the water spaces. Plastic bags are a serious problem for marine life under which many types of organisms come in. This is the time when we need to understand the serious consequences of marine life by our responsibilities and plastic bags. Therefore, considering the responsibility of humankind as its responsibility towards the sea creatures, plastic bags should be used in this manner, so that they do not reach rivers, oceans and other water sources.


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