how to sell photos online and make money

how to sell photos online and make money
how to sell photos online and make money

You will have heard about making money from the Internet and earning money seriously is also easy to earn money from internet, only you have to recognize your talent and to improve that talent a little bit, after which you can earn your earnings.

Now, there are many people who like photography, who like to do photography and sometimes click very good photos but they can also earn money by selling those photos. Due to that, they keep their photo for a while and then delete them.

It will be said truly Waste of Talent but now if you think that if you got $ 40- $ 100 for the same photo then it would be possible that you can earn so much money by selling your photos online.

You can Sell Photos of Nature, Animals, Festival, Gods, etc, to Sell Online Photos, but now if you think that any Photo from the Internet is downloaded and sold then it is not possible because Internet But all the photos available are uploaded by anyone.

So you are new to that photo owner, so you can not even sell them. But downloading a photo from the Internet can be sold after doing a Creative Work on that photo.

The highest quality is important to Selling Online Photo because if the quality of the clicked image is bad then it can not be sold.

how to sell photos on online site

To Sell Online Photos, you first have to create an account at the website selling online photo after which they provide the facility for uploading your photos.

Now, these Websites first review your photos and according to the quality and demand of that photo, select a price of that photo, after which the photo is put in the Sell section so that the Buyers can see your Photos and Purchase can do.

When you are selling your website, you keep the Commission and you send the money to the bank through your bank account.

If you want to earn money from your phone then you can upload a photo by phone by installing Foap App on your phone. After uploading your photo will be rated in Foap Market. And after that, your photos will be cold. If your photo gets a $ 10 sale then you get $ 5 and $ 5 FOAP And every time your photo will be sealed, there will be many errors. And you can make up to $ 500, $ Earning up to Lifetime.
According to FOAP terms, you will have to upload a photo by taking care of certain points.

  • Can take photos of a person
  • Take photographs of a person while working (such as Office, Carpenter, or someone else's work)
  • while traveling
  • Of any city
  • Anything can be taken from the nearest photo.
  • Take photos of anybody (like Screws, Medication, Signs, Books, Computers, Tools, Bags, Cables etc.)
  • Nature photo
  • Photo of animal birds

There are lots of Photo Selling Websites on the Internet, but we are telling you only about those websites which are more popular and trusted. A lot of people on these websites have done well earning by selling their photos.

You can sell your photo and earn as much earning as you wish. Suppose your 1 photo gets 1 $ in one month then you upload as many photos as you can and you have uploaded 100 photos, you can earn 100 $ per month and if your earnings are more than one photo per month 10 $, then your earnings will be $ 1000.

 So grab and upload as many photos as possible and allow more photos and more earnings.


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