how to make money from instagram in india

how to make money from instagram in india
how to make money from Instagram 

how to earn money from Instagram

If you also want to do business and want to make more money by doing less work. So Social Media is the best medium. Nowadays, almost everyone knows about social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. You will also read several articles making money from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. But perhaps you have not even thought about earning money from Instagram. So let's say no matter how we can earn money from Instagram.
Youth generation will know about Instagram as well. Nowadays people are more active than Instagram on Facebook. Now just here you have to know how you can make money through Instagram, let's know.

Instagram does not give you direct money income like youtube. On Instagram, you can earn from indirect ways. So let us summarize some tips from Instagram to income in a little detail.

Make your account first

First of all, you have to download the Instagram app from the Google app or Play Store. After that, you will have to create your account in it. After that, you have to choose a profile photo according to which you want to make a profile. Since the photo shows a little bit in the Instagram, the logo in your profile should be slightly bigger so that people can understand what it is. Keep username simple and insert a link to your website and give full details about the company in biography.
Try your Instagram account in a particular category example in tech, travel, fitness, food etc. What will happen with this, the category of your account will be! The same kind of company will approach you. Mix category people get enough time to get sponsorship. So keep this in mind

Photographer and photographer

 Photos in the Instagram are most attracted. The photos will be as good and clearer as people will love. Keep in mind that the photos do not remain blurred. Once you upload photos, you must edit them once. Put a watermark on the photo of the product so that no one can copy your photo.

how to sell photo online and make money

Good captions and trending hashtags

Strong captions should be accompanied by strong photos. In such a situation, you have to be clear about the photo. What is the significance of what your product is? All these essential things will be written in easy language. Also, people will have to write Attractive Lines to draw their products. Most important is the hashtag that conveys your photos, articles, and products to the people.

Hashtags can be so
You can put 30 hashtags on the Instagram. So keep in mind those hashtags which are the most popular. Let us know, Instagram is going to have a choice to follow the hashtag in a few days. Suppose someone has followed the #Sell hashtag and you have posted a photo with this hashtag, then your post will be on its timeline. So use the hashtags that are common

Share Story

There is an option on Instagram where you can also insert Instagram Story like Facebook Story. You can post photos of your product in it. The advantage of this is that the person who has liked your page can easily see your story and you will get the idea that how many people has seen your story. By making  Instagram stories, the front-facing also thinks your company remains the most active.

 You can also sell your own product on Instagram. There are many people who share photos of their product on Instagram. And those who like, they order a product by paying by paytm and they ship the product through the currier.

After making an account, many sellers offer attractive offers to people. By which people follow more and comments and likes come also. Many people also keep contests in which people connect and the contest is also great for promotion.

Many marketing agencies on Instagram get an agreement between popular Instagram users and advertisers. The most discussed company in this is Mobile Media Lab. Under the agreement, effective users post on their photo Instagram. In this photo, they use the clothes or accessories of those brands, the brands they have compromised. For example, someone took a photo of Adidas wearing shoes and posted, as well as a link to the e-commerce site that sells the Adidas shoes below, Adidas is marketed among those who see it.


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