how to make earphones at home

how to make earphones at home
how to make earphones at home

Wireless earphones have begun since the iPhone 7. Apple is the first smartphone with the iPhone 7 wireless earphones. This phone was presented to everyone in the year 2016. Now many people will be interested in using Wireless Earphones, but they will have to buy an iPhone 7 to use it. For this, the user will have to spend 70,000 rupees. There is no need to spend so much money on the iPhone 7 just for wireless earphones. That's why we have brought a way for you to use the wireless earphone without buying the iPhone 7.

This processing does not cost much money, just for this, you need a few things. Let's tell you how you can prepare your own wireless headphones, you need to have an old headphone to create wireless headphones, as well as keep scissors, lighter, Bluetooth modules and blades.

  1.  First, cut the old earphone from the middle,
  2. After this, cut the wire of one part of the earphone bigger than the other part wire.
  3.  After that, cut the lower part of the wire with the help of a wire cutter.
  4. Now cutting the lower part of the wires with the help of a lighter, clean the wire while scratching.
  5.  Now add the parts of the two wires, and then sold them.
  6.  After this take a Bluetooth module, you will find it easily in a market like a circuit plate, which will get two small sockets. or  The Bluetooth module can easily be found online, it comes in the price of 250 or 300 rupees. Your Bluetooth headphones will get power from the Bluetooth module's battery. To create a wireless headphone, first, remove the wire by cutting it from both ends with the help of a scissor with your old headphone.
  7.  Now add this earphone wire to the Bluetooth socket respectively. You can use the soldering machine to add.
  8. Then connect Bluetooth to your smartphone by turning on the button in the Bluetooth module.
  9.  After making the connection, the sound will start coming from your earphone.

Still, if you can not do it, do not be scared, you will find videos on YouTube which will help you create wireless earphones in this way.

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