difference between ipad and tablet

difference between ipad and tablet

IPad - is a tablet computer developed and designed by iPad Apple Inc. This is an iOS-based tablet which was first released on April 3, 2010. Just like any other tablet computer, the iPad's user interface has its multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard. In the case of its connectivity, the iPad has built-in Wi-Fi and other cellular connectivity on select models. Again, like many other tablet computers, the iPad can take pictures, play music, shoot videos, browse the web, and see the email. some other functions like social networking, GPS navigation, games, etc. are available for download through their built-in app, app store.

basic information about computer

Hardware information

  • Performance - While the first iPad only started with 256 MB DDR RAM and 1 GHz single core processor, the current models now come with 2GB LPDDR3 RAM and 1.5 GHz tri-core processor.
  • Screens and Inputs - The first two generations of the iPad had a touchscreen display of 7.75 x 5.82 inches, but since Apple said that a 7-inch screen was too small to express the characteristics of an iPad, they reached it to the minimum 10 Inch iPad has four physical switches/buttons, and these are your home, wake/sleep, and +/- volume control.
  • Battery - iPad uses an internal rechargeable lipo (lithium-ion polymer) battery. It is asserted that it can give up to 140 hours of audio, 10 hours of video, and one month on standby.  like every different reversible battery, it loses capability over time. Although it feels as good, it is not user-replaceable, which means that you have to stick with customer support for a replacement.
  • Storage - Usually, the iPad comes with various storage options such as 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB internal flash memory. Sadly, there is currently no alternative to expanding its storage.
  • Cellular connectivity - The iPad has only two basic types, Wi-Fi only with Wi-Fi and cellular support. Today, many other connections like CDMA support, LTE, quad-band GSM, and quad-band UMTS are included.
  • Audio and Output - In an iPad there are two internal speakers located on the bottom right of the unit. An audio-out jack located in the upper-left corner of the device is also available.

Software specifications

  • Interface - With the graphical list of interface installed applications, the focus is centered on the center of the home screen. Most applications can be accessed through multi-touch (the technique that enables one surface to identify one or more points of contact), which understands complex signals.
  • Multimedia - Audio-wise, Music Library layout is similar to an iPod that can sort your songs, artists, albums, videos, genres, playlists, podcasts, musicians, and compilations. Additionally, the display can be rotated for Landscape mode to reach Cover Flow (Animated, 3D Graphical UI). Video-wise, iPad can play digital video.
  • Applications - There are many pre-installed applications such as Safari, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iBook, Photo, Video, Maps, Notes, Calendar, and Contacts. You can download and install other apps from the App Store.

Android tablet - Android tablet is a computer tablet that uses a Linux-based operating system called Android. It was developed by Google, and it is offered as an open source (source code is available to the general public). It is supported by low-cost ARM systems and others (responsible for the architecture of the processor). In 2010 several systems were announced, which included smartphones that used Android. Since 2013, the Android tablet has already been the best selling operating system because it was introduced by many companies including Motorola, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba. To keep it simple, the Android tablet is not really a brand, but many tablets that use the same operating system, i.e., Android.

Features of an Android tablet

  • Has the ability to customize in the presence of the tablet.
  • While 'Google Play' has been a lot of criticism for years (inadequate applications are available), now it has progressed. Today, now there are a large number of apps and constantly growing. Android tablets come with more options in terms of features, size and price.
  • One of the most admirable features of the Android tablet is that there are actual multi-functions (other applications running in the background).
  •  As mentioned earlier, it is supported by low-cost ARM systems, and thus much cheaper than its top competitors, iPad tablet.
  • It comes with a memory of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, but can be expanded through micro SD card (not the available options for all Android tablets).


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