detail information about smartwatches

detail information about  smartwatches

What is this really smartwatch?

Individual models are targeted to connect the communication function of the smartphone with the classic wristwatch. In this way all users are notified, for example, on some models about incoming calls or SMS, even works directly on the clock telephone call, Of course, it should be noted that the quality of the loudspeakers Should not be overlooked. Devices are usually not suitable for more calls. Users can decide on themselves whether the caller has to get the message, which indicates the current imbalance. Many models work when the device is connected to compatible smartphones, usually by Bluetooth. With NFC it is usually smartwatch is very easy to establish that connection is established. The smartwatch and a smartphone should be kept relatively close together. Bluetooth is automatically activated and only then the connection must be confirmed. In addition, the equipment should also be put together. Contact often breaks when there is a distance of more than ten meters Watches is an exception, which is also a breeze. Within its own WLAN range, full freedom of movement is offered. However, the feature is relatively rare.

What should be considered in the model?

If there is no Bluetooth connection, the functions of the model are usually very limited, however, the game functions like blood glucose monitoring, pulse meter, and step counter are active. Without an iPhone, for example, maybe the clock can be used even when running or used in the gym. Of course, this is a question, of course, the high tech gadget, however, the original function of time performance can not disappear. Classic wrist watches are said to use the smartwatch can finally be changed Many vendors use the time to show the clock, and variability is often important. The dial is known as watch faces Dial can always be customized for the preferences of the owners and it may also be due to the presence and presence of the work. Undoubtedly, on this occasion, it can be changed without any problem. Anyone can choose a classic dial with the show or choose the display of the digital clock. The presentation can also be extended. Some models offer extra clock functions such as weather forecasts, stock prices, sunrise and sunset, moon phase or Some Facebook news models have smartwatch built-in voice control and therefore Google searches can be recorded or SMS can be controlled by some of the smaller devices in the smartwatch also work as an easy navigation system if you want to be guided to the desired destination, you can do this with a car, bike or foot. Users can get smartwatch by sound or by the same instructions as per vibration.

Special advantages Watches

Use Watch Every user gets good information about SMS, calls and more. The Sports app can be used and probably will be even more practical apps in the future. Watches are on the wrist because the real eye-catching and smartwatch in their eye also fit each organization. Some negatives are worth just for one that the smartwatch is somewhat high and the time of accumulation is still relatively low. But the clock setup is relatively simple and at the moment, each user has more hands for more free of charge. The market is still relatively young at this time, so different designs have different concepts from different manufacturers. Everything is on its smartwatch Whether it's minimalistic, super-small, multi-functional or large Smart Watches are generally different types and are very popular for example Sony Smartwatch, Samsung Gear, Moto or Apple Watch. In addition to some exceptions, individual models are basically the same in design. Models offer a touchscreen and the display comes from a small battery. Depending on the model, there are also WLAN, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth on the board. As an operating system, see OS or Android ear

Small version

Due to the somewhat space-saving presence, smart surveillance many people are more likely to go on striking many smaller models compared to the larger models, however, there are some minor losses from the larger model smartwatch there often accompanied with the compatible app But it is still more like just the fitness bracelet.

All-Rounder on this smartwatch

Classic models are all-rounders and provide a round or square touch display. Due to size, some interaction is possible, including writing SMS. Due to size, models are not suitable for a delicate and small wrist. On the other hand, women are taking advantage of small models.

Special outdoor model

Normally a smartwatch is not long compared to normal wrist watches and compared to, models cannot compete with water and dust. The focus is different for some manufacturers Only some models offer up to 30 meters of water conservation and recharge time of four to seven days in depth. Although it may not look bad at the beginning, instead of touch functionality, the control by hardware buttons and resolution are minimal.

The appropriate app clock for this

That's because the new companion watch, the right app is really important for great, App Wear is an awareness that how far the connected smartphone is, even when the connection ends. With the app also, with an app with a Dia app, an alarm can be seen with the clock on the smartphone, with the app, it is possible to show movement tracks, bike trails, jogging trails or hiking trails to my tracks. For game activities, the app is very useful, because information about city map, height and speed are displayed. Each has the option of setting the waypoint. SmartWatch also offers GPS, they can be used even when the smartphone does not accompany it. This is also an app is a rationalist and it is one of the most well-known games and fitness apps. Who tells the clock that training starts, progress can be displayed. Watchmaker Premium Watch Face is a comprehensive editor, which is for this Clock is not limited to the free creation imagery of custom display options and dials and everyone can also use the previously built clock aspects. The installation must be registered with the Minimum keyboard before the provider. The app is an intuitive and well-used solution for anyone who does not like to be in public with the clock.

Model battery life

It should be noted that in normal smartwatch a special charging cable is also required in many tests, battery life is always a very important benchmark. Generally speaking, reducing existing consumption, reducing resolution and a small display. The model's small battery is definitely GPS, WLAN and some even more loud, with individual models, it can be meaningful if written here. Although it is important to extend the runtime, the order of the devices can also be increased individually through the configuration of the brightness level or dial. Many models can be loaded by induction and it is often referred to as Qi smartwatch is placed on the same tray

Operation and Function

In general, different operating concepts are offered, such as hardware buttons, touch or both. Some manufacturers have pure touch versions and other manufacturers prefer hardware elements for operation. Some manufacturers also add both worlds through digital crown and touchscreen. Smart Watches for some of the videos and photos Your camera has some models, independent of their own telephone options through a SIM card slot. Many models also have their GPS for fitness tracking. Some models also have this feature. Not only that a smartphone can be controlled up to 10 meters, but it can also be controlled from its four walls across the WLAN area.

Size and compatibility

Model models of the alfalfa are particularly large for women because they have relatively thin wrists. Watches can be bracelets exchanged and adjusted freely, but do not work on the screen. Thus, there is a rough estimate of the size of the wrist, the diagonal is 1,7 centimeters in a display with 4.3 inches. Although it is important, that the margin was not included. It seems that many of the current models can only deal with iOS or Android, while there are some exceptions. Only some manufacturers offer watches also for use with two operating systems. In 2015, there was an Android Ware update and from that time the operating system is offered wide compatibility for Android and Apple too.

Important information about each device

In the year 2013, Stiftung Warentest performed the tested watches. In the trial, it should be noted that during this the app variety and models have changed a lot. Especially for the success of a model, the apps and diversity are definitively crucial. The operating system is always important because the buyer can directly identify the compatible model, the proposal for the Windows Phone is still small. OS and Android Wear are still effective, but there will definitely be more products for the Microsoft operating system. BlackBerry is compatible with only some models because BlackBerry has its own operating system. Many people want to call without a smartphone. The key is a sim-Kartenslot in the watch, there is a negative impact after the time and height of the battery, this feature has only a few clocks Is available with. Watches are a touch screen, then the battery life is 1 to 3 days when the usage is financial. If you want to watch the video more often, you can definitely see it. The watch also reduces the running time, only some vendors have a very power-saving display and hence runtime 5 to 7 Days can be synonymous. It is important that the smartwatch is that almost all of them offer limited water conservation with it, a watch should be kept in water, which is maximum one meter deep, and also in more than thirty minutes in case of any damage, It is very important that the customer can prove limited boundaries. Only some manufacturers present a special path here, and therefore there are only a few models which can be used up to 30 meters without any restriction. Of course, the question is often asked, but what is a current model

In this article i have mentioned  about smartwatches information how it is work and model.


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