causes and prevention of global warming

 causes and prevention of global warming
 causes and prevention of global warming

Due to different social and financial elements, the Earth is getting hot consistently. As indicated by specialists, since the year 1900, the entire planet has recently warmed up to 0.8 degrees Celsius. In any case, before the finish of the 21st century, because of a worldwide temperature alteration, the temperature of the Earth is relied upon to increment from 2 to 5 degrees Celsius. Because of the expansion in temperature, there is a terrible impact on the climate, which is causing environmental change on Earth and debilitating the presence of the Earth.

Factors Responsible for Global Warming

Different gases present in the air are warming because of the expansion in the normal temperature of the Earth's air, because of which the temperature of the Earth is rising. Because of substantial scale deforestation, the measure of carbon dioxide, methane and different gases on Earth have expanded a great deal, which is engrossing the temperature and making heat obstruction in nature.

Side Effects of Global Warming

  • The water level of the ocean is constantly ascending because of new water swamps, marsh urban areas and islands because of seawater.
  • Because of progress in rain cycle in numerous spots because of progress and in a few zones fire and some different territories are in the hold of the surge.
  • Snowflakes are liquefying because of which the life of polar bears is debilitating in light of the fact that the climate of their eating regimen is declining.
  • Glaciers are melting slowly.
  • Animals are getting extinct.

The impact of human activities on global warming

We are engaged in some such activities in everyday life, from which the gas is discharged in vast sums in the climate of the Earth. For example, in order to meet the energy needs in our cars, homes and industries, we have to combust oil, gas and coal, which causes very high greenhouse gases in our environment.  Because of environmental change, hot and cold rains are at the peak of the weather. This situation can damage the plants and the animals of the earth, and due to them rapid storms and severe drought conditions can also arise.

Measures to slow down global warming

We can start efforts to reduce the speed of global warming by using less energy in our home, school or church. First of all, we have to use the illumination of lights and at the same time, we will have to reduce our dependence on private vehicles while applying the carpool. Aside from this, we need to advance the utilization of common assets like renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy to meet our energy-related needs. The use of energy efficient LED bulbs for lighting is also a good option as they reduce energy consumption by up to 75% compared to ordinary bulbs. Also, we should develop more forests because they absorb most of the greenhouse gases and shield the earth from getting hot.

India's responses to climate change

Just before the United Nations Climate Conference in December 2016, India had appropriately said that developed countries should not only talk about reduction of emissions but they should help poor countries with adequate finance and technology so that they And make themselves prepared to manage the unfavorable impacts of environmental change. Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar had said that efforts to make an adaptation, capacity building and strengthening rural communities to deal with the unfavorable impacts of environmental change will be given top priority by the government so that the challenges faced by climate change Proper resolution can be done.


We have to expand our own understanding of the relationship between climate change and nature. To manage the outcomes of an Earth-wide temperature boost, we should endeavor to discover all the important choices, which can be acquired through a better compromise of innovative and social adjustments. According to the report submitted to the Congress by the American National Science Academy of Science in 1991, "the implication policy of greenhouse warming", the US can diminish the present discharges by 50 percent, with no cost just by enhancing its viable limit.  We should stop the use of fossil fuels; otherwise, the amount of carbon emitted will exceed the amount of carbon present in the biosphere. We need to expand the utilization of sustainable power source so we can manage the symptoms of a dangerous atmospheric deviation.  Obviously, apart from the initiatives being taken by the government and voluntary organizations, it is possible by all the people's involvement and efforts to prevent the risk of global warming.


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