how to start candle making business in India

How to start the industry of making a candle

Friends, we know about a lot of business that you can start sitting at home. Today, the business I am going to tell you about is a small industry as well as a cottage industry. Today we will learn how to start a candle business

 how to start candle making business in India
candle making business

Friends, if you have a friend's birthday or your birthday, you should have seen candles on the cake. Whenever the light goes on at your home, you use the candle for lighting. Friends, nowadays the technology sector has made so much progress that candle does not need it. People just light up the flashlight inside their mobile. When this technology was not used, candles were burnt in homes only. Do not take this from a stress on the fact that the use of the candle is over, then who will buy the candle? We are going to explain to you further how much candlestick demand you have.

 Raw Material for Candle Making Business

Friends To start this business, first you need to invest 10000 to 1 lakh. As we had said that this is a small industry and a cottage industry, you also get help from the government for this industry. You can also take advantage of the schemes being run by the government. This business can be done at level 2.

If you want to do this business by sitting at your house then you will need 1 frame to make a candle. If you want to start this business at a large level, you will need a machine in which the molds are formed and the candles are made in the same. After that, you will need a raw material wax to make a candle so that the candle will form. Also, you will need thread, color, and ether oil etc. to make a candle.

After this, if you are doing this work at a small level then you can do it in your own house and if you want to do it at a large level, then you will need a place according to the machinery if there is no available in your home. You can rent a place for it. As far as electrical connection is concerned, it is a matter of great benefit for you that there is no need for electricity connections inside it. This machine does not run with electricity, but this machine does not operate without electricity and it does automatic work. You get a lot of help in making candles inside it, but you have to work in it. In this, you will need 3 to 4 workers.

Candle Making Process

Friends, candle making is very simple

First of all, you have to set the yarn to the candle in the mold,
After that, you have to carefully warm the wax keeping in mind the amount of candle in the appropriate amount.
After the wax becomes liquid, you have to put the wax in the molds in the machine,
While putting wax, keep in mind that all the sticks will be filled with wax properly,
After 10 minutes you have to remove the candle from the mold, you have to separate the candle by cutting the yarn from the cache.
If you have to make a different color candle, then you can mix the color inside this wax, which comes to mix it.
After removing the candle you can heat the candle through an oven and give the appropriate size.
You will see that your candle will be ready. If you want to make a scented candle scented candle, you can also combine it with various types of aroma, for that also you get mixed with wax on the matrix market.

Where is the scope of the candle industry?

Friends, nowadays, the candle turnover is over to illuminate, but you must celebrate birthdays or have seen many birthday parties in which the candle is used on top of the cake. The craze to celebrate the birthday party is as much as it was before. You see on the basis of a thought as in the earlier times the candles were used in the houses but now it is less. Just look at the other side, the Birthday parties did not think so much as it now thinks. One advantage in this point is that the party takes 6-7 candles in the party.

Along with this, you should have seen nowadays, the house is decorated with candles on the occasion of Deepawali, marriage etc. Not only when there is a crime in the country, then it is performed by a candle on public roads for him. In addition to paying homage, tribute is given to burn candles too. Friends, after this research, you may have come to know how much the scope for your candle business is.

These things have to be taken care of

Friends, for the write operation of this business, you have to keep a lot of things in mind. First of all, take care of the fire while waxing the wax and take full care of this work. You are in touch with the shops to sell your product as much as possible, where the items like cake etc. are available because people come out of the grocery store to buy candles while most people go to buy candles at the same shop where the birthday You meet Before making the candle, do not mix oil in mold. In this way, you will be able to start the business of making a candle. So friends, today we came to know how you can start a candle making business at a small level and a large level.


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