safety precautions for floods

Flooding mostly occurs in areas where there are excessive rainfall and poor drainage system. Other causes of the flood include the flow of water from the rivers and oceans,, because of the breakdown of the dam, excessive water flowing in the plains, an excessive amount of water increased due to the sudden melting of the glaciers. Hurricanes and tsunamis cause floods in the coastal areas. Flooding as other natural disasters can also be a major cause of destruction.

Many towns and cities around the world are suffering from heavy flooding, causing harm to people and animals, resulting in property and other valuable properties and soil and plants damage. Farmers are also affected by the flood, because of the weather conditions their crops are wasted. Gathered water is also the reason for the spread of various diseases for several days in a special place. When circumstances are serious due to the flood, the schools and offices are closed furthermore, this causes issues of typical existence of the general population. Places that face severe flooding take months to be normal.

Whether the cause of waterborne or flood is natural or unnatural. As soon as this reminder comes, the hives are starting to feel like the mental condition of humans or animals which are flowing in the water discharge at that time, would be scary. Anybody who drowns thinks how to think and survive in a way that can escape. It is not easy to imagine this thing.

Ironically, there are some areas which are often affected by floods and even though the government is aware of this problem, even then proper measures are not taken to remove it. The government should make a good drainage system and water storage system to control this problem.

safety precautions for floods
safety precautions for floods

Types of flood

Many times the flood can be controlled over a few days, while many times it is controlled over the week so that there is a bad effect on the lives of people living in that area. Here's a look at various types of floods:

Slow-set flood

This kind of flood occurs when the water content of the rivers becomes high and the surrounding areas are affected by it. This kind of flood develops gradually and can last for a few weeks. It spreads for several kilometers and it has an impact on most of the lower areas. Due to floods in these areas, water can cause loss of life and property and various diseases can also flourish.

High-speed flood

They take some time to build and such flood can last for a day or two. Such floods are also very destructive. However, most people are warned about these and should try to avoid them before the situation worsens. In such places, tourists planning vacation plans should cancel their plans and if there is time, then try to avoid this situation.

Sudden flood

This kind of flood is mostly produced within a short period of time, such as a few hours or minutes. This is mostly due to heavy rain, due to the breakdown of ice or dam. This kind of flood is considered to be the most deadly and can also result in destruction on a large scale because it is almost sudden and people do not get any time to take precautions.


Flood in the affected areas disrupts day-to-day activities. Floods create various problems for people living in these areas. In the areas affected by heavy floods, it takes months to rebuild public life and sometimes even years-even years.

How to control the problem caused by floods

From disrupting human life to harming nature - Flood has many negative outcomes which are hard to manage. Thus controlling the flood is very important. Here are some ways to control this problem:

Flood warning system

Establishing better flood warnings systems is time so that people can be warned at the right time about the upcoming problem and they have enough time to protect yourself and your belongings.

Construction of buildings in flood-affected areas

Buildings should be constructed above flood level in flood-affected areas so that the loss of property is also avoided to avoid damage to people living there.

Start of water storage system

In order to reuse rainwater, the government should invest in the construction of water storage systems. Along these lines, water can be utilized widely rather than a flood of water and causing flooding in the fields.

increase the strength of drainage system

One of the main reasons for flooding is poor drainage system. To dodge waste, it is important to have great seepage framework, which won't prompt surge circumstance.

Introduce surge hindrance 

Surge hindrances ought to be set up in those territories which are influenced by the surge. They can be removed after water is released.

Channel the overpowered water to the dry season hit locale by influencing pipelines to like oil pipeline to a different state. After each risk level, water should stream normally with no intervention; These should keep the surge of water on requiring e.g amidst winter season. Just excess water will stream to the poverty-stricken part.

What to do before floods

  • Do not make houses in those areas which are flood-prone areas. Also, if your building houses in lower areas, then make the ground floor slightly above the ground.
  •  Put the water heaters, electric meters, etc. in the house upwards.
  • Put the valves in the pipes from the house and check regularly, otherwise, if the flood comes, the water can penetrate the toilet in your home through the pipes. From toilet to other rooms
  •  Do not get flood water in the house, prepare it for the first time. Like keepers of clay, wooden frames, etc., keep them.
  • Make waterproofing well for those who do not have a seal in the house.
  •  Keep a big strong rope in the house, because sometimes ropes are the only way to save a life.
  •  Repair the old tube of car, bike etc. in addition, keep it in the house. Pump air filling together
  • If the roof is weak in the house then repair it, or break it again and again.
  • If you leak water from the rooftops of the house then repair it now, do not wait for the rain.

If there is a flood in your area

  •  From TV, internet or radio, you discover that there is a flood in the area around your house.
  • Always be careful, because sometimes the water can suddenly enter the house with a strong downstream.
  •  Bring all the stuff in your house to the top of the house, free the ground floor so that there is no harm.
  • The stream of rivers, streams, canals etc. can suddenly break into your house, be careful with it. Prevent children from living on the ground floor.
  • Due to heavy rains, cloudbursts, etc., suddenly water can enter the house, home collapses, it will be better if you leave the house with the help of district administration.

Do not Do It During the Flood

  •  Bring all the essentials of your home to the upper garment. Take out the furniture that is kept out in the house.
  •  Turn off the main switch, even if you have to stay without electricity because if the current spreads during the flood, it can also be lost.
  •  Do not use a fridge, TV, washing machine, geyser etc.
  • What to do if the house is empty
  •  When the water is calm then leave home.
  •  You can drop the water flowing up to six inches.
  • If there is a sharp drop, then do not leave home, because this water can sink you.
  • Keep a stick together. Keep checking that there is no further pit, Only then proceed further.
  • If you have to leave between the waterfowl, then use the rope. It would be better if a rope is tied to a strong item.
  • Do not drive a car or bike, in a flooded area.

I hope this  will article help you to better understand about safety and precaution of flood


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