Restoration and beautification of lake in india

Restoration and beautification of the lake is the process to treat and to eliminate the problems of the lake and ponds  like degradation, an impurity in the lake, improper shoreline of a lake etc and make the lake more beautiful and attractive

Availability  of water on earth

Water is the basis of life and it is the most essential requirement for economic growth and social development. Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, but, freshwater resources accessible for human use is only 1% or so. This is the water found in lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams, and underground aquifers.

In India, 65% of people of the total population are depending on agriculture activities. As the population increases water demand also increases. Water used for different purpose like drinking, bathing, washing, industrial purpose, irrigation etc.  Monsoon is not regular for few years at every place in our country. Because of global warming effect & all other environmental pollution & people activities. Lakes traditionally served the water requirements. It also uses for religious and cultural purpose so the lake is connected with it.

Lakes are the best and easiest way to harvesting rainwater in large quantity and store for a long period. Lakes have one part of groundwater recharging, prevent water logging and flooding. Lakes have also host to a wide variety of Flora and fauna, especially birds. Lakes are an important part of the ecosystem. Since few years nobody cares about lakes. Lake of maintenance and by ignored values of it, lakes are degraded. Lakes shall be restored, conserved and maintained. Because lakes have a good role in people's lives and one of the valuable part of the ecosystem that could no longer be ignored.
Restoration and beautification of lake in india
Restoration and beautification of a lake in India

  • There are mainly two types of sources of water as follow:-

1. Surface sources:-

2. Subsurface sources:-
Infiltration gallery

The need for restoration of the lake

  •  To restore our degraded Lakes 
  •  To recharge groundwater with the help of lake
  •  Rainwater harvesting by the lake 
  •  Make water suitable for irrigation purpose 
  •  For mitigating the future issues 
  •  Conservation of natural resources 
  •  Beautification of the lake for local tourism 

 To restore our degraded lake: -
There are many reasons for degradation of the lake such as to much amount of sludge diversion in a lake, silt formation in a bed of a lake, polluted water from industries, lack of maintenance, and rapid urbanization. So we need to protect our lake with solution and pollution control methodology. 

To recharge groundwater: -
By providing a recharge well inside the lake or at the side of the lake we can increase the groundwater level. By increasing the groundwater we can use it for a different purpose.

Rainwater harvesting with the help of lake: -
We can harvest the rainwater in more quantity by use of good technology of rainwater harvesting and take good steps. With the help of that water, we can directly transfer the rainwater into the recharge well. 

Make water suitable for irrigation purpose: -
We know that lake water use for irrigation purpose but if there are any pollutants or any chemical impurities in the water body that water cannot use for directly in irrigation. So we have to treat that water before use. 

To mitigating future issues: -
As before discuss there is a very scarcity of water in the future so we need to prepare our self to mitigate that situation.

Conservation of natural resources:-
By restoring our lakes and water bodies we save our natural resources. As per our point of view, it is a gift from God. 

Beautification of Lakes: -
Through beautification, gardening and recreational facility we can improve the local tourism and an increase in employment.

The main reason for the degradation of the lake

Main reasons for degradation of the lake
  • Pollution In lake
  • Less availability of water
  • Less maintenance
  • Shoreline management
  • Land ownership
  • Lack of governmental commitment
  • Lack of data bank
  • No de-silting of lake

Restoration and beautification of lake in india
degradation of the lake

Step requires for the restoration of the lake

  • existing study of lake
  • the main reason of the degradation of the lake
  • water quality analysis of lake
  • hydrology of lake and catchment condition
  • shoreline management
  • people participation

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