information about olympics game

The advanced Olympic Games or Olympics are driving global wearing occasions including summer and winter sports conflicts in which innumerable from around the globe take an interest in an assortment of rivalries. The Olympic Games are seen as the world's vital games competition with more than 200 nations taking an interest. The Olympic Games are held at regular intervals, with the Summer and Winter Games exchanging by happening like clockwork yet two years separated.

information about olympics  game
olympics  game

Olympics History, Ideal, and Interesting Facts 

Olympic Games are the leading sporting events in the current time competition, in which thousands of athletes participate in many types of sports. In the Olympics, more than 200 countries participate in the form of participants.
The ancient Olympic Games began in Olympia city of Greece in 776 BC. For the first time, the game was played in honor of the Greek Gods Juice. These games were played once in 4 years, until 394 A.D., then the play was stopped due to the order of King Theodosius of Rome.

The modern Olympic sports competition started in 1896 in the city of Athens, Greece, with the efforts of "Barron Pierre de Coubertin" of France. It is also organized at every interval of four years. The International Olympic Committee was established in 1894 in place of Sakhon. Its central command is in Lausanne (Switzerland). The International Olympic Committee is the organization to operate the Olympic Games. This committee has an executive, consisting of one president, three vice-presidents, and seven other members. This institution determines the location, rules, operations etc. of this Olympic Games.

Olympics ideal 

In ancient times, among the warriors-players, during the peaceful period of time, games developed with competition between warriors, which later became the Olympic Games.

Olympic Flag 

On the suggestion of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the Olympic flag was created in 1913 AD. Its good opening took place in Paris in June 1914 and this flag was first fitted in the 1920 Antwerp Olympics. Foundation of the flag is white. In the middle of the flag made of silk, five colored chakras, like the Olympic symbol, have been shown to each other, which is a symbol of fair and open competition, with the representation of the five continents of the world.

Blue circle - Europe
Yellow cycle - Asia
Black Cycle - Africa
Green circle - oz
Red Chakra - A. and D. America

Purpose of the Olympics

In 1897, Sirius, Altius, Fortius (Citius, Altius, Fortius) written by Father Dedon, are the objectives of the Olympics in Latin, which means fast, high and strong. It was first presented in the Antwerp (Belgium) Olympic Games in 1920 as the object of the Olympics.
Olympic fire
The practice of Olympic torch burning began with the Amsterdam Olympics of 1928. In 1936, the current form of the torch was adopted in the Berlin Olympic Games. Since then, the practice of bringing the Olympic torch to the venue is started. A few days before the launch of the torch, Greece is ignited by the rays of the sun in front of "Hera Temple" in Olympia and from there it is brought to the venue by various players. The torch is lit by the same torch.

Olympic medals 

In the Olympic Games, the winners receive three types of medals - gold, silver, and bronze. Gold medals are in 60 mm circle and 3 mm thick. It is 92.25% silver-plated 6 grams of gold. The silver medal is 60 mm in a circle and 3 mm thick. It is made of 92.5% silver. Bronze is made of bronze completely. Gold, silver and bronze medals respectively are available to players coming in first, second and third places.

Interesting realities from the Olympic Game

The tradition of the mascot in the Olympic Games ceremony started from the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.
The wide-ranging broadcast of the Olympic Games began in the 1960 Rome Olympics Games.
At the inaugural ceremony of the Olympics, Greece's team is at the forefront of March-Past and the team of the Descent Country remains at the forefront. The location of teams from other countries is definite in the order of letters of the English alphabet.
In 1972, eleven Israeli athletes were killed in the Palestinian terrorist attack on the Munich Alliance.
Prior to Phelps, the record for winning a gold medal with a single Olympic medal s. a. Was Mark Spitz, who won gold medals in the 1972 Munich Olympics in different swimming events.
Participation in women's Olympic Games was held in 1900 AD from the Second Olympic Games.
The first Indian female player to participate in Olympic Games is "Mary Leela Roa".
A female player who won a successful gold medal in the same Olympics is "Christina Oty"Christina OT won 6 gold medals in swimming at the 1996 Seoul Olympics.

Following is the rundown of all the Indian medallists. 

1900 Paris: Norman Pritchard (2 Silvers in Athletics)
1928 Amsterdam: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1932 Los Angeles: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1948 London: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1952 Helsinki: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
Khashabha Dadasaheb Jadhav (Bronze award in Wrestling)
1956 Melbourne: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1960 Rome: Men's hockey group (Silver award)
1964 Tokyo: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1968 Mexico City: Men's hockey group (Bronze award)
1972 Munich: Men's hockey group (Bronze award)
1980 Moscow: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1996 Atlanta: Leander Paes (Bronze award in Tennis)
2000 Sydney: Karnam Malleshwari (Bronze award in Weightlifting)
2004 Athens: Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (Silver award in Shooting)
2008 Beijing: Abhinav Bindra (Gold in Shooting)
Vijender Singh (Bronze award in Boxing)
Sushil Kumar (Bronze award in Wrestling)
2012 London: Vijay Kumar (Silver award in Shooting)
Sushil Kumar (Silver award in Wrestling)
Gagan Narang (Bronze award in Shooting)
Saina Nehwal (Bronze award in Badminton)
Yogeshwar Dutt (Bronze award in Wrestling)
M.C. Mary Kom (Bronze decoration in Boxing)
2016 Rio de Janeiro: Pusarla Venkata Sindhu (Silver decoration in Badminton)
Sakshi Malik (Bronze decoration in Wrestling)

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