importance of raksha bandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with the full moon of Shravan Mas. In the year 2018, it will be celebrated on August 26. This festival symbolizes the unbreakable bond of a brother-sister relationship. This is a great festival of Indian traditions, which strengthens every social relation with the affection of brother and sister only. Therefore, this festival keeps cultural, social significance along with connecting between brother and sister.

To understand the importance of protecting bondage, it must first be understood by its meaning. "Rakshabandhan" Raksha Bandhan is made up of two words. That is a bond that promises to defend. On this day, the brother takes his promise to his sister over his responsibilities.

importance of raksha bandhan
importance of Raksha Bandhan 

Importance of Rakshabandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is especially a festival of emotions and sensations. A bond that binds two people with the thread of affection. Restricting Raksha Bandhan to brother-sister will not be right. Rather, any bond that can bind to anyone. Moving ahead of the boundaries of brother-sister relationship, this bond is to bind the disciple of Rakhi to the disciple of a brother, to bind a brother's brother to another, to rake rakhis among the sisters, and to make two friends rakhi to each other, the children of the parents It can be tied to rakhi.
In today's perspective, Rakhi is not only to accept the sister's relationship, but Rakhi means that which binds a thread of faith and faith. He accepts the obligations of Rakhi Bandhani. Trying to fulfill that relationship with full devotion.

Raksha Bandhan in Today's Time

In the present society, the social virtues are being exposed in front of all of us. The fate of Raksha Bandhan can be helpful in removing them. Today, when we see elderly parents going for an extended ashram while looking for support, then there is a question mark on their development and progress. To solve this problem, Rakhi can be used to take responsibility for all kinds of responsibilities throughout the life of the parent by the daughter-in-law, by holding the rakhi. Thus this major problem of society can be addressed.

Thus, not only considering the protection bond as a festival of siblings, we all have to understand its importance in different references, while widening the scope of our thoughts. In short, it is a festival to strengthen relationships with the bondage of love and love. This method of bonding identifies Indian culture differently from other cultures of the world.

The significance of Raksha Bandhan in Modern Age

Today, there has not been any reduction in the auspiciousness of the festival, but its importance has increased. Many times in today's limited families, there are only two sisters or two brothers in the house, in this situation, they are spotted on the festival of Raksha Bandhan to celebrate how they will celebrate the feast of Raksha Bandhan. Who will buy them Rakhi, or who will they make Rakhi? In such a situation, the situation can generally be seen around us.
It is not that only brother-sister relationship requires strength or rakhi. While straining the sister's sister and brother's brother with Rakhi brings one closer to each other. Erases the differences between them. The lack of time in the modern era has made a different distance in relationships. In which there is no time for each other, due to this, family members can not interact with each other. The lack of communication gives rise to differences. And misunderstandings get a place.
If the sister-sister on this day binds Rakhi to brother-brother, then such problems can be dealt with. This festival can also play a key role in erasing communalism and class caste divisions. If needed then only made a try.

Draupadi tied up Krishna to Rakhi

It is believed that in the Mahabharata, Draupadi had set up a defense in the hands of Lord Krishna and in return, Krishna had promised to protect Draupadi.

Lord Indra got a victory from Rakshabandhan

It has been said in the future that war broke out between the gods and the demons. Asir defeated Lord Indra and took control of Amravati.
Then Indra's wife came to Lord Vishnu, asking for help from Sakti. Lord Vishnu made Sachi a vial to be worn by cotton yarn in one hand. Lord Vishnu told Sachi that to bind it in the wrists of Indra, to attach it to Indra's wrist. Sachi did similarly. They tied the vial in Indra's wrist and wished security and success. After this, Lord Indra defeated the sacrifice and took control of Amravati.

The story of King Bali and mother Lakshmi:

It is said in Bhagavat Purana and Vishnu Purana that the king of Bali called Lord Vishnu to live in his palace. Lord Vishnu accepted this request and the king started living with sacrifice. Mother Lakshmi decided to go to heaven with Lord Vishnu. He made King Bali a defense thread and made a brother. The king asked Lakshmi Ji that you asked for a gift. On this, Mother Lakshmi told King Bali that she liberate Lord Vishnu from her word and let Lord Vishnu know with her mother   On this, Bali said that I have accepted you as your sister, so I will definitely fulfill whatever wish you have expressed.
King Bali freed Lord Vishnu from his bondage and let him go with mother Lakshmi.

String for the Protection of Trees

Today, when we talk of celebrating the Raksha Bandhan festival in a new form, then what we need to save beyond society, family and even the country today is the creation, on this holy festival of Rakhi, we all join together Take this resolution, on the day of Rakhi, tied a tree of affection to a tree, and take responsibility for protecting that tree. In the worship of goddesses as a deity, the interest of humankind lies in it. We should do something to do on this day to protect the nature which is coming from us only for selfless self.
Plants are giving life to human beings, keeping themselves adaptable in all kinds of environments without any discrimination. To protect this god, it has become very necessary to take the resolve to protect trees on Rakhi day. Let us all take a pledge to protect a tree by tying a thread of Rakhi together


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