Importance of nag panchami

The importance of Nag Panchami and the time of worship

According to Hindu religion, Panch Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the Shukla party of Shravan month. According to the Skanda Purana, worshiping serpents on this day all the desires are complete. On this day 12 forms of Naga Devta are worshiped. It is believed that Lord Shankar is pleased with worshiping and worshiping the serpent god and giving pleasure to him. The date of Nag Panchami is starting on 03:.27 on the morning of August 15 and ends on August 16 at 01:51pm

Legend of Nagpanchami

In ancient times, Sethji had seven sons. The seven were hitched. The spouse of the most youthful child was knowledgeable and delicate, however, her sibling was definitely not. One day, the elder daughter-in-law asked all the people of the bridegroom to walk together to bring yellow clay to the house, and all the dhalia and Korpi started digging the soil. Then there a snake came out, which the big daughter-in-law started to kill with a hoof. Seeing this, the younger daughter-in-law stopped him saying, 'Do not kill it?' This poor man is innocent. '

After hearing this, the senior girl in-law did not slaughter him, at that point the serpent would go towards one side. At that point the more youthful girl in-law said to her-'We return now, you don't go from here. By saying this, he took the dirt with everybody and went home and overlooked the guarantee made to the snake caught in the work there.

When he remembered that thing the next day, he took everyone along with him and saw the snake sitting at that place and said, "Snake brother!" The serpent said - '- 'You have said a sibling, so I abandon you, else, you are screwed in view of saying a false thing. That quote - brother forgot me, I apologize, then said the snake - Well, you have been my sister since today and I am your brother. Ask for whatever you want, ask for it. That quote- brother! I have no one, it is good that you became my brother.

Following a couple of days, the snake went to the house with a type of man and stated, 'Send my sister to me.'Everyone said that 'he had no brother, so he said - I am a brother in a distant relationship, he went out in my childhood. On getting his trust, the general population of the house sent the little ones with him. He said in the way, 'I am a snake right there, so do not be scared and hold my asking where there is difficulty in walking. He did just as he said and thus he reached his house. He was amazed to see the wealth of wealth there.

One day the serpent's mother told him- 'I am going out of a job, you give your brother cold milk. He couldn't have cared less about this and gave him hot drain, in which his face was dreary. Seeing this, the serpent's mother became very angry. But the silence of the snake became silent. At that point, the snake said that the sissy should now be sent to his home. Then the serpent and his father gave him a lot of gold, silver, jewels, clothes and etc. to his home.

Seeing so much wealth, the elder daughter-in-law told the irritation- The brother is a big wealthy person, you should get even more money from him. When the snake heard it, he brought all the things to gold. Seeing this, the senior little girl in-law stated, 'They ought to likewise have a floor brush of residue'. Then the snake brought the broom to sleep.

The snake gave a little daughter-in-law a wonderful necklace of diamonds. The Queen of that country also praised her and she said to the king that the defeat of Seth's younger daughter-in-law should come here. The king taught the priest that he would before long be available with this thrashing and the minister went to Sethji and said that 'Maharaniji will wear a small bahu's neck, give him and give me'. Sethji gave due to pay to the more youthful little girl in-law.

The youngest daughter-in-law felt very sad about this, she remembered her snake brother and prayed on arrival- brother! The queen has taken away the defeat, you should do something to that effect when the jewelry stays in her neck, until the point that it turns into a snake, and when she returns to me, then become the diamonds and beads. The serpent did exactly that. As soon as the Queen wore a necklace, she became a snake. Seeing this, the queen started crying and crying.

Seeing this, the king sent a news to Seth that sends the youngest daughter-in-law immediately. Sethji was worried about the possibility that the lord would not know what to do? They introduce themselves alongside the more youthful little girl in-law. The ruler asked the more youthful little girl in-law what enchantment did you do, I will rebuff you. Younger sibling in-law: Rajan! Excuse selfishness, the annihilation is to such an extent that the precious stone and the dots are in my neck and the serpent moves toward becoming in the neck of the other. After hearing this, the ruler made a snake and offered it to him and said - Dress it now and show it. The more youthful girl in-law before long ended up worn when she worn it.

Seeing this, the lord ended up persuaded of his perspective and satisfied him and offered him numerous stances as well. The little he returned home with his defeat and these. After seeing his wealth, the elder daughter-in-law taught her husband due to irritation that the daughter-in-law has got money from somewhere. After hearing this, her better half called her significant other and said - Tell me precisely who gives this riches to you? Then he started to remember the snake.
At the same time, the serpent appeared and said: If I doubt my behavior towards my sister's sister, then I will eat it. The spouse of the little girl in-law was exceptionally satisfied to hear this and she congratulated the serpent god. From that day, the festival of Nagpanchami is celebrated and women worship the snake as a brother and worship him.

How to worship

On this day on both sides of your door should make a shape of snakes from cow dung and worship it with sun and flowers. After this, the worship of Indra-Devi should be worshiped. He should worship them with curd, milk, intestine, gourd floral, navy etc. After this, after eating Bhakti, Brahmins should eat themselves after eating food. On this day the sweet food should be eaten according to its interest. On this day, the grace of Kuber Ji is made on a man who donates money. It is believed that if a member of a person is killed by a snake bite, then he should fast for Panchami for twelve months. Through the fasting of this fast, there will be no fear of snake in the total of the person
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