how to protect yourself from earthquake

how to protect yourself from the earthquake
As soon as the name of the earthquake takes place, the mind shakes with fear. Where there is an earthquake, many houses become demolish, and along with the human beings, many organisms die in homes and the scene of the total end becomes present.
If the earth shakes, then wherever the ground comes from the middle of the river, then the earth bursts and takes the form of a lake. An earthquake comes and gives many kinds of pain

how to protect yourself from earthquake
how to protect yourself from the earthquake

Earthquake forecast not possible

Earthquake is a process that is not possible to predict. Regardless of the modern features of science, it is difficult to tell the magnitude and intensity of the earthquake effect when it comes to the earthquake.

  When there is an earthquake, two kinds of waves come out. One is called Primary Wave and the other is called secondary Wave.

The average speed of the primary wave is 6 km. Per second, while the secondary tendency is 4 km. Runs at a speed per second
With this difference, every 100 km But the difference of 8 seconds is different. That is, 100km from the earthquake center 8 seconds before the distance can be known that the earthquake is coming.

This period is very short of some seconds. This is the reason that no prediction of an earthquake could be possible without it. Yes, with the help of this bullet train and nuclear power plants in Japan are stopped in automatic mode.


After the earthquake, most of the people are in a state of uncertainty. Can not comprehend what to do. Stay in the house or go out of the house. What to do if you have to live in the house? What to do if you are out of the house? If you are in the Multistory Building then what to do. What to do if you are in an old type of house? If we do not look at these things, the damage is very high.

Earthquake is a natural process that is almost impossible to predict. Often people are saying that if the weather department gives information to us, then the loss will be less. In an interview given to ABP Live, UP Meteorological Department director JP Gupta says that "it can not predict when the earthquake will occur." There can be no definite time of the earthquake. If a person is saying that an earthquake at such a big time, then it will be a rumor. Some mischievous elements do this to spread panic. '

What precautions should we take before an earthquake arrives?

If we make advance plans about the earthquake, the damage can be greatly reduced. The loss of houses, roads bursts and loss of livelihood can be minimized. We must follow the 'earthquake building standards' about the construction of seismic houses.

Environmentalist Vandana Shiva explains, "There are always earthquakes in California, but there is a 'building code' in it so that the houses there tolerate the earthquake and do not cause a major damage to life and property. That's why we have to try that in the 'Earthquake fault' areas, prepare the building code according to the scientists' sayings. It is a very simple thing that if we build ten-floor buildings instead of one floor, then our loss will also be ten times as one.  The building code is very important to avoid this ten-fold loss. Governments should, in the country wherever there are 'Earthquake Fault' areas, investigate the land there and construct the building codes on the same basis. "

He further says that "The problem of our governments is that on one side they want to modernize, under which large, high-rise houses are built and on the other hand ignores the dangers of the earthquake." The security which is with the security of modernity, the governments are ignored by saying that we can not make such arrangements because we are a poor country. What a weird thing it is Where is it possible to avoid earthquake? Obviously, the two cannot be together.

Bring modernization, then security will also be brought with him. Bring nuclear weapons, but simultaneously also develop ways to avoid them. We want to do only one, which can no longer be of any benefit, except for damage. If GM will bring, then biosafety will also be brought. In the same way, if you want to build big and tall houses, you will also have to create a 'Building Code' in view of that area's 'Earthquake Fault'. "

What to do during an earthquake

As much as possible during an earthquake, stay safe. Keep in mind that some earthquakes are actually pre-tremors and later a larger earthquake can occur. To get closer to a safe area, keep your activities confined to a few steps, and if you are inside the house, stay there until you are sure that the vibrations have stopped and it is safe to get out.

If in the house

i. Sit immediately on the floor, go under a sturdy table or other furniture and use it as a shield; And stay there until the vibration closes. If you do not have a desk or desk, cover your face and head with arms and tilt in the inner corner of the building.
ii. Stay away from any objects that may fall like glass, windows, exterior doors and walls and light fittings or furniture.
iii. If you are on the bed while the earthquake is coming, stay there. Protect your head from a pillow, provided that you are not under a heavy light fitting that can fall. In that situation, visit the nearest safe place.
iv. Use a door for shelter only if it is close to you and if you know that it is strongly supported, it is a loadable gate.
v. Be careful that the electricity can be shut down or the fountain system or fire alarm may be turned on.
vi Do not use lift.

If you are out of the house

i. Stay Outside
ii. Move away from the buildings, roads, and utilities.
iii. Once in the open, stay there until the vibration closes. The biggest hazard is to exit the buildings, on exit routes and exterior walls. Most of the 120 deaths occurred in the 1976 earthquake in Log Beach when people ran out of buildings and buried under the debris fallen from the collapse of the walls. Slowing lands during an earthquake rarely causes death or injury directly.    Most deaths associated with earthquake are caused by falling walls, glass pieces, and falling objects.

If in a moving vehicle

i. The sooner the security permits, stop the vehicle and sit in it as soon as possible. Avoid staying near or near buildings, trees, upper paths and utility wires.
ii. Carefully proceed with the earthquake. Avoid roads, bridges, or ramps that have potentially damaged earthquake.

If buried in wreckage

i. Do not burn matchboxes.
ii. Do not remove dust or kick it.
iii. Cover your face with a handkerchief or cloth.
iv. Hit the pipe or wall so that the rescue team can find you. Use a whistle if available. Just shout as a last resort. By shouting, your breath can go in a dangerous amount of dust in the body.

how to protect yourself from earthquake
buried in wreckage

What to do after an earthquake

i. After the earthquake's major shocks, light shocks can come, expect it. These secondary shockwaves are usually less damaging than the main earthquake but can be powerful enough to damage the weaker structures and may occur in the few hours, weeks or even months after the earthquake.
ii. Check out battery controlled radio or TV. Listen for the latest emergency information.
ii Utilize phone just for crisis calls.
iii. Open the caverns carefully. Beware of objects that can fall from the sleighs.
iv. Avoid harmed zones. Stay away until a special request is made by the police, fire department or relief organizations to assist you. Return only when it is secured to be told by authorities to do so.
v. Immediately clear the spreading medicines, bleach, gasoline or other flammable liquids. If you are feeling gas or vapor from other chemicals, then move away from that area.
vi. Inspect the full length of the chimneys for damage. Such damage which is not given attention can cause a fire.
vii Inspect Utilities.
viii  Check the sewage and water lines for damage. If you suspect that sewage lines have been damaged, avoid using toilets and call the plumber.


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