Drip irrigation advantages

Currently, 140 million cubic meters of water is on earth, 97 percent of which is saline water which is located in the oceans. A total of 136 thousand cubic meters of water is saved in the part of humans. Water consumption in the whole world doubles every 20 years, whereas the amount of water available on earth is limited. So water conservation is very important today. By adopting a method like a drip irrigation for irrigation in agriculture, we can preserve the water and achieve the goal of sustainable development.

What is drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is the method of irrigation in which the water is provided with a small diameter plastic pipe in the root area of the crops in the form of drop-droplets in a slow speed. This irrigation method was first invented in Israel, which is being used today in many countries of the world. In this method, water is used in a vulnerability manner, resulting in loss of water from the surface vapor and ground leakage.
This method of irrigation is very suitable for dry arid and semi-arid areas where it is used for irrigation of fruit gardens. Drip irrigation has shown possible to grow fruit gardens on saline soil. In this irrigation method, fertilizers are also provided as the slurry. Drip irrigation is very suitable for those areas where there is a shortage of water, the land of agriculture is unsustainable and the irrigation process is costly.

Drip irrigation advantages
drip irrigation

Drip irrigation in India:

In the last 15 to 20 years Drip  Irrigation System has increased popularity in various states of India. Today, 3.51 lakh hectares of area is covered under drip irrigation, which was only 40 hectares in 1960. India has the highest area under drip irrigation, Maharashtra (94 thousand hectares), Karnataka (66 thousand hectares), Tamil Nadu (55 thousand hectares) and Gujarat.

Drip irrigation system:

An ideal drip irrigation system, composed of the pump unit, control head, principal and sub-main lines, lateral, and emitters.
Pump unit creates a proper pressure for the release of water in the pipe system with water from the water source. The control center has a valve which regulates the release and pressure of water in the pipe system. There is also a filter to clean water. There is also some fertilizer or nutrient tank in control. During the irrigation, this leaves the fertilizer in water for irrigation. This is a major advantage of drip irrigation compared to other irrigation methods.
The main hose, the sub-main tube and the lateral, control the water from the principal to the water. The main hose, the sub-main tube and the lateral are usually made of polyethylene, so they are pressed into the ground to prevent them from being destroyed by direct solar energy. Usually, the diameter of the lateral tubes is 13-32 mm.

Exhaust is a device used to control the plants from the lateral to the water.

Benefits of drip irrigation:

There are many benefits of drip irrigation compared to conventional irrigation, which is as follows:

  •  Water use efficiency in drip irrigation up to 95 percent, whereas water use efficiency in the traditional irrigation system, is only about 50 percent. Therefore, this irrigation system has the ability to convert the unsurpassed land into fertile land.
  •  Water and fertilizer are supplied as much as the crops are required for drip irrigation. Therefore, in this irrigation method, fertilizers are not unheard of with water
  •  The irrigated method leads to rapid growth of the irrigated crop, as a result, the crop is early maturity.
  •  Drip irrigation method is very helpful in weed control because the low surface area due to the humidity, the weeds grow less.
  •  This irrigation method is very beneficial for the water scarcity areas.
  •  Water irrigation efficiency is more in water than other irrigation methods.
  •  This irrigation method is not affected by the underground leakage and surface drift of water.
  •  This irrigation method can also be used in the evening.
  •  Drip irrigation method provides ideal soil moisture level for good crop development.
  • In this irrigation method, chemical fertilizers can be provided with water in solution form.
  •  Drip irrigation is less likely to spread the spread of plant diseases spread through water.
  •  In this irrigation method, the possibility of wasting insecticides and fungicides is less.
  •  Saline water can be used for irrigation by this irrigation method.
  •  In this irrigation method, the yield of crops increases to 150 percent.
  •  Water saving can be up to 70 percent in drip irrigation compared to conventional irrigation.
  •  In the drip irrigation, the cost of wages is less compared to other irrigation methods.
  •  Through this irrigation method, scalable, sandy and mountainous areas can also be successfully used for farming.
  •   The problem of soil erosion which normally occurs in the surface irrigation are eliminated
  •  Distribution of water in drip irrigation is the same.
  •  In the drip irrigation, the crops of the crops are moisture, thereby reducing the possibility of plant disease.
  •  Power is also saved from drip irrigation.

Loss of drip irrigation:

There are also some losses along with profit in drip irrigation, which is as follows:

  •  Initial install (installation) of drip irrigation system is costly.
  •  Pipes used in drip irrigation are prone to damage by rats.
  • Turbid water cannot be used by this irrigation method because it threatens to drain out of the drainage.
  •  In this irrigation method, there is a danger of accumulation of salts near plants.

I hope you will get some idea about drip irrigation system  and its advantages and disadvantages 


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