Dengue symptoms precautions and treatment

There are so many things in life that you do not want to be with you, dengue fever is one of them. This disease enters the body's immune system (disease resistance) so fast that the body gets broken.

Dengue is a related viral disease. This virus is transmitted by mosquito bites of Aedes species. Once the virus is detected in the body, the symptoms of dengue fever usually begin to appear within 5 to 6 days.  That mosquito bites in the daytime. The only way to avoid dengue is to avoid mosquitoes The special thing is that the Ace mosquito that spreads dengue grows in clean water instead of dirty water. Therefore, this mosquito is found more in the water collected in the rocks, coolers, tires, drum etc.
  As we all know that Dengue is a virus-related disease, hence there is no medicine to treat it. Be careful and avoid dengue mosquitoes, this is the easiest way.

Dengue symptoms precautions and treatment
dengue mosquito

symptoms of dengue

Various diseases start to occur in the rainy season, and fear of chikungunya or dengue is the first to start when a high fever comes. But to recognize dengue it is very important to know its symptoms. Let's know about its symptoms. Dengue suddenly starts with a high fever. This fever usually lasts for 6 days. Dengue has acute pain in muscles and joints. The rashes are the first of the feet and later the rash starts falling on the whole body.  Many times, if you do not get rashes in the dengue, we take it as a viral fever. Platelets decrease in the blood, platelets begin to fall rapidly. Hemorrhoids are also afraid of dengue, bleeding from the body starts coming out. It is the symptoms of dengue, contact the doctor if these symptoms appear.
Dengue infection is detected by a blood test. There are no special medicines to avoid this, but during this time you are advised to take proper rest and drink plenty of beverages. We are telling you some similar home and natural remedies from the advice of a health expert and doctor. So that you can save yourself from the outbreak of dengue.

Home remedies for Dengue


The doctor says that Giloy has great importance in Ayurveda. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate, keeping the immune system strong and protecting the body from infections. Dr. advises that their stems can be boiled and served as a herbal drink. Tulsi leaves can also be put in it.

papaya leaves:

 "It helps in increasing the number of platelets. Also, it is helpful in reducing the symptoms of fever, such as pain in the body, feeling weak, feeling impaired, feeling tired, etc. "You can cure its leaves or they can also be drunk like a drink. , Which help to remove the toxin from the body.


 It is used to increase metabolism. Not only this, it is also helpful in hurting the wound early. Turmeric can be sour mixed with milk.

Aloe vera -

 The juice Aloe vera keeps the digestive power correct. Empowers the liver. Builds hunger. Raises the power to fight diseases by increasing the body's immunity power.

Pomegranate juice - 

Pomegranate juice is especially important in dengue and other fever. Pomegranate juice removes the lack of blood.

Basil leaf decoction - 

Some leaves of basil rising in water and filtering is done by the patient. It is uncommonly profitable in dengue and other viral fevers. Hack, Cough, is similarly especially important in a crisp.

Gooseberry (Amla)  - 

An ointment is the best source of Vitamin C. The body absorbs more of the iron element when it is in the body. By which blood increases.

 Goat milk

Goat milk has many advantages, especially in dengue. Due to medicinal properties, it is a special odor. For dengue, it is most important. In fact, goats make their diet in medicinal plants in the jungle and it has its aroma in milk. There is also a lot of medicinal properties in this milk. Goat milk removes melodious, astringent, soft, receptive, mild, blood-gall, diarrhea, decay, cough, and fever. The usefulness of goat's milk proved to be useful during dengue fever.

It will not be surprising if it is called bone-breaking disease. So we have brought you some ways to avoid this: -

precautions to avoid dengue 

Dengue symptoms precautions and treatment
precaution to avoid dengue

1. Keep your surroundings clean and dry

to avoid the dangers of dengue it is advisable to keep clean and dry around you. Do not allow excess water to be collected. The mosquito-borne mosquitoes thus make their home in the collected water. So keep in mind that there is no water to be stored anywhere in the house. It should be ensured that there is an open space in the neighborhood of the house and the Sun is sunk due to drying of the water.

2. Cover and hold every item in the house. 

Under this process, you cover the household items whether it is a food utensil or water. The mosquito-spreading mosquitoes target open things, open food items are one of them.
3. Self-protect to avoid illness
You can start self-defense by wearing full sleeves shirts and paints, and wear a mattress while sleeping. Also, put mosquito cream on the body and keep mosquito nets away from the mosquitoes and shield mosquitoes from going into the house. Spray the mosquito killer in different parts of the house and apply musky net.

4. Keep the curtains on the doors

Put the curtain drawn from the wire on the main door of the house. Print the curtains on the windows of the house. To avoid the dangers of dengue, put a musketo net near your bed.

5. Avoid insecurity

Avoid insecurity from dengue and avoid visiting places where there are more vegetation and grass like a garden, park etc. Keep information about such places where mosquitoes are born, avoid such places.

 6. Keep Cleaning

This is most important and is primarily a part of personal hygiene. From time to time cleaning the cooler, tank, and wash basin will also help prevent mosquitoes from being born. You can do such a cleaning once a week to get rid of mosquitoes.

7. Use Chemical

Spraying of DD powder or bleaching powder around the house eliminates mosquitoes that spread dengue and keeps you healthy and safe.

Measures to Avoid Dengue Remedy To Avoid Dengue is not too difficult. To avoid such a difficult situation, these things need to be taken out in everyday routine. It would be beneficial for you and your loved ones to be aware of the dangers of dengue and take appropriate measures to stay safe.


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