32 amazing fact about indian army

The Indian Army is usually stationed to guard the country. this can be a crucial a part of Indian soldiers. Indian Army, soldiers, Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard come back to soldiers. Learn some attention-grabbing facts relating to the Indian Army

 32 amazing fact about Indian army
Indian army

32 Amazing fact about Indian army

 1. Indian Army positions third on the planet after US and China. Indian Army right now works at a strength of 1,129,900 dynamic staff and 960,000 hold faculty. Of those for possible later use 160,000 are in the Indian Territorial Army; in any case, just 40,000 of those frequently report for obligation. This makes the Indian Army the world's biggest standing volunteer armed force. The world's most noteworthy standing armed force is with China and however the US has a little-armed force than the Chinese regarding labor, their top of the line specialized weaponry makes them the most grounded.

2.. In contrast to alternative government organizations and establishments in India, there aren't any provisions for reservations supported caste or faith. everyone seems to be taken on the idea of advantage and their fitness altogether aspects throughout enlisting.

3. Param Veer Chakra is the most noteworthy military respect in India. Just 21 fighters have so far been granted Param Veer Chakra, of which 14 were granted after death

4. Before the finish of World War II Royal Indian Army (under British govern) turned into the biggest volunteering armed force in the history with more than 25,00,000 men serving in infantry, airforce and maritime regiments over Africa, Asia, and Europe. The misfortunes brought about by the Indian Army from WW2 were the loss of 36,000 Indian servicemen, 34,354 injured and 67,340 progressed toward becoming detainees of war.

5. Indian Army had its beginning in 1776 under the legislature of East India Company at Kolkata.

6. Upon autonomy and ensuing segment of India, four of the 10 Gurkha regiments were exchanged to the British Army. Whatever remains of the British Indian Army was partitioned between the recently made countries of Republic of India and Republic of Pakistan.

7. In the last traditional war that Indian Army battled in 1971, it drew in its adversary (Pakistan) on two fronts (West and East). The Indian armed force was so severely powerful that we figured out how to free a whole nation (Bangladesh) in only 13 days level and introduced a regular citizen and equitable arrangement of administration (which attempts to this date) at all conceivable time. Contrast this and the execution of US powers in Iraq and Afghanistan (12 years and tallying). More than 90,000 (most elevated figure in the historical backdrop of military fighting after WWII) Pakistani troopers surrendered before the Indian armed force toward the finish of one of the briefest full-scale war ever. This occurred notwithstanding the danger of Chinese and American attack.

8. After autonomy, India battled four wars (1947 Indo-Pak War, 1962 Sino-India War, 1965 Indo-Pak War, 1971 Indo-Pak War), three outskirt clashes (1967 Sino-India struggle, 1984 Indo-Pak Siachen strife, 1999 Indo-Pak Kargil struggle), consideration of Hyderabad, freedom of Goa, Daman and Diu. Aside from clashes and wars, Indian Army gave therapeutic help amid the Korean War and has embraced various UN Peacekeeping missions.

9. Of the considerable number of wars battled, the Indian Army never confronted crush expects because of PLA of China in 1962. This disappointment has been ascribed not to the abilities of Indian Army, but rather to the terrible slip-ups made by our then PM and guard serve. Rather than giving completely operational control to Indian Army, political best brasses attempted to micromanage the circumstance from Delhi. They likewise declined to give air bolster asked for by our troops. Despite the fact that Indian Army lacked a considerable measure of help from the middle, Indian troopers established a long-term connection with the Chinese armed force. Later a best Chinese general said that strength and assurance were the main things that the Indian warriors didn't need in that war.

10. India has one of the greatest supporters of the UN in Peace Keeping Forces' missions.

11. Indian Army's Special Forces units called Para Commandos are considered among the best on the planet. They have effectively finished various stealthy and clandestine activities inside and outside India. They are to a great degree cryptic (so undercover that it's extremely hard to discover a ton of information about them) and exceptionally dreaded by a wide range of resistances it has seen.

12. To end up a Royal marine, one can just volunteer for the administration and experience preparing. Be that as it may, if there should arise an occurrence of Indian armed force, one needs to go customary preparing, which keeps going at any rate up to 49 weeks and afterward experience a commando course preparing before the age of 30. After this, they have a choice to wind up legitimate commandos (paratroopers) or NSG, which at that point has a preparation administration of year or somewhere in the vicinity.

13. Other extraordinary tasks units worth specifying are the Special Action Group (SAG) of the National Security Guards (NSG) beneath the superintendence of Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Special Frontier Force (SFF) of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

14. The most seasoned heavily clad regiment of Indian Army is 'The President's Bodyguards' set up in 1773. They are a mounted cavalry regiment, who are prepared paratroopers.

15. Assam Rifles, framed in 1835, is the most established paramilitary power in India.

16. Indian armed force has a horsed rangers regiment. It is among one of the last 3 such regiments on the planet.

17. Indian Army has an Airforce Base in Tajikistan (Farkhor Air Base) and another is in arrangements with Afghanistan. China so far has no outside army bases.

18. Military Engineer Services is the biggest development office in the nation. In the midst of war, MES can give frill administrations, for example, military streets, water and power supply, seepage, refrigeration, furniture, required by the Army, Navy and Air Force in India like no other office.

19. The Baily Bridge is the most noteworthy scaffold on the planet. It is situated in the Ladakh valley amongst Dras and Suru streams in the Himalayan mountains. it had been designed by the Indian Army in August 1982.
20. Border Roads Organization staffed from Corps of Engineers of Indian Army has built countless in once difficult to reach regions of the Himalayas, Rajasthan and the North East States in this way essentially adding to their financial improvement. Brother ventured in to reestablish the Farkhor Air Base in Tajikistan when no private developer approached to finish the activity.

21. Clash of Longewala was battled in December 1971 amongst India and Pakistan, in which only 120 Indian Soldiers with 1 jeep mounted M40 recoilless rifle held the fortification against 2000 Pakistani fighters supported by 45 tanks and 1 portable infantry detachment. Indian warriors held their grounds the entire night giving the Pakistanis the feeling that there were around 500 Indians fighters. At the point when the fire was brought from the sky by Indian Airforce early in the day, Pakistani troopers fled their positions deserting 34 tanks (one presented previously).

22. In what can be portrayed a stupendous scene from the Hollywood film 300, somewhere in the range of 21 Sikhs fearlessly battled against 10000-14000 afghans in the Battle of Saragarhi in 1897. Every one of them 21 lost their lives, however, they battled until their final gasp. After they came up short on mounted guns, a wild hand-to-hand fight followed in which around 800 Afghans were murdered.

23. Activity Polo was one of the principal wars that free India battled to keep away from the separation of the Indian Union. The greatest kingdom in India (Hyderabad) declined to join Indian Union and needed to be a different country. 35000 Indian troopers battled 22,000 warriors of the Hyderabad Nizam (the then most extravagant individual on the planet) and 200,000 irregulars. The war finished in only 5 days with 32 setbacks on the Indian side and 3500 on the adversary side (with 4000 detainees). Despite the fact that the numbers were similarly coordinated, the causalities for India versus the misfortune for Hyderabad was 1:100.

24. The Portuguese ruled Goa for over 461 years until 1961. They declined to hand over Goa to India even after the Indian freedom. Local people were opposing the Portuguese, yet even after numerous discretionary endeavors, Portugal did not adjust their stand. in 1961, India with a gigantic power outmatched the Portuguese power 10:1 and added Goa in only 36 hours.

25. Indian Army has vanquished adversary in most pessimistic scenarios like the one of every 1998 Kargil, wherein the Pakistani armed force was at a much profitable position having a striking proportion of 20:1. Notwithstanding amid the game-changing skirmishes of 1962 Chinese attack, Kumaon regiment, Dogra regiments among others battled till the last shot and last man, murdering rushes of Chinese armed force.

26. Indian Army controls the most noteworthy fight ground on the planet in Siachen (6000+ m). It conveys around 3000 troops round the year in Siachen at the edge of an ice sheet in sub-human conditions and holds an ideal record in all contentions in that locale. Cool executes a bigger number of troopers here than shots. Indian Government spends a few crores consistently to keep up its bases in Siachen. The temperature goes down as low as short 50 degrees and warriors just eat de-humidified nourishment there.

27. Indian officers are considered among the simple best in high height and mountain fighting. The Indian armed force's High Altitude Warfare School is a standout amongst the most tip-top military instructional hubs on the planet and is frequented by US, UK, and Russian armed forces. US Special Forces prepared at HAWS before their sending amid the intrusion of Afghanistan.

28. Indian Army is likewise considered among the best in Jungle fighting and its Counter-revolt and Jungle Warfare School is frequently visited by US, UK, Russian, Israel powers. Exclusively, Indian fighters make up a standout amongst other prepared and molded powers on the planet.

29. Sepoy Kamal Ram of Royal Indian Army was the most youthful Indian to get Victoria Cross for his valor in WW2 at simply the age of 19.

30. Indian Army has 53 cantonments and 9 Army Bases spread all through India.

31. Advanced Infantry Soldier As a System (F-INSAS) is the Indian Army's primary modernization program from 2012 to 2020. In the principal stage, to be finished by 2012, the infantry warriors will be outfitted with particular weapon frameworks that will have multi-capacities. The Indian Army plans to modernize the greater part of its 465 infantry and paramilitary contingents by 2020 with this program.

32. Associations like DRDO, BEML, BEL, HAL, ODF, BDL (every one of them under service of protection) have world-class fabricating offices creating first-class safeguard types of gear going from sustenance to firearms and vehicles to rockets vital for Indian Armed Forces amid battle.

swachh bharat abhiyan

what is Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a National Sanitation Campaign which has been established by the Government of India, under which 4041 statutory towns, roads, foot trails, and many other places come. This is a big movement under which India is to clean up completely till 2019. In this, the dream of Mahatma Gandhi's clean India has been extended for a healthy and happy life. This mission has been started on October 2, 2014 (145th birthday) on the auspicious occasion of Bapu's Birthday and is set to complete till October 2, 2019 (Bapu's 150th Birthday). Under the Ministry of Urban Development and Drinking Water and Sanitation, this campaign has been implemented in both rural and urban areas.
The first cleanliness campaign of this mission (25 September 2014) had been started by the Indian Prime Minister earlier. The purpose of this is to solve the problem of cleanliness system and also to make better sewer management across the entire country by building sanitation facilities.

swachh bharat abhiyan
swachh Bharat Abhiyan

The need of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

  • The proceedings of this mission should continue in India till the achievement of its objective. The physical, mental, social and intellectual welfare of the people of India have realized it is absolutely necessary. This is in a way to promote India's social status which can be started by bringing cleanliness to all sides. Here are some points mentioned below that show the need for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
  • It is very necessary that every house in India needs to have toilets and also open the tendency of defecation in the open.
  • There is a need to replace the unhealthy toilets with water-sanitary toilets.
  • Cleanliness is required by the hand of the elimination of the hand.
  • Recycling and reuse of municipal waste, safe completion, implementation of sewage management in a scientific manner.
  • Changing the thinking and the nature of the people of India towards their own health and following the processes of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • To create global awareness among people living in rural areas and to connect the common people with health.
  • Helping the people working in it to control the execution of waste at the local level, helping to prepare the template.
  • Increasing the share of the private sector to develop cleanliness facility across India.
  • Make India clean and green.
  • Enhance the personal satisfaction in rural areas.
  • Enlighten the constant hygiene of communities and Panchayati Raj institutions through health education programs.
  • In fact, all this is done to make Bapu's dreams come true.

Clean India campaign in urban areas

The aim of the Swachh Bharat Mission in urban areas is to provide 2.6 lakh public toilets and 2.5 lakh community toilets to almost all 1.04 crore houses, including solid waste management in every city. The scheme for construction of community toilets has been done in residential areas where availability of personalized domestic toilets is difficult and in such places, at public places like public toilets, such as bus bases, railway stations, markets etc. There is a plan to complete sanitation program in urban areas within five years till 2019
 The cost of solid waste management is approximately Rs 7,366 crores, 1,828 crores are for public awareness, 655 crores for community toilets, 4,165 crores for private home toilets etc. Those programs which are aimed at completion- To remove the tendency of defecation in the open, change in the toilets that are unhealthy toilets in water, remove the tendency to clean with open hands, and change people's thinking; Manage solid waste.

Rural Clean India Mission

Rural Swachh Bharat Mission is an expedition to implement the cleanliness program in rural India. Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan had been set up by the Indian Government in 1999 to clean the rural areas, but now it has been restructured as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Rural). The main objective of this is to prevent villagers from the compulsion to inhale openly, for this, the government has planned to spend one lakh fourteen thousand crore rupees for the construction of 111 million 11 lakh toilets.   It is worth noting that the government has also changed the waste into biological food and energy to be used. It has good participation in Gram Panchayat, Zilla Parishad, and Panchayat Samiti.

Following is the goal of the Clean India Mission (Rural)

  • Improve the standard of living of people living in rural areas.
  • Inspiring people to clean up rural areas to meet the goal of clean India by 2019.
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions, people group and so on should keep on inspiring the requirement for ceaseless cleaning offices.
  • Particularly focus on solid and liquid waste management in rural areas and development of advanced environmental cleanliness system which is manageable by the communities.
  • promote consistent neatness and environmental security in rural areas.

Drip irrigation advantages

Currently, 140 million cubic meters of water is on earth, 97 percent of which is saline water which is located in the oceans. A total of 136 thousand cubic meters of water is saved in the part of humans. Water consumption in the whole world doubles every 20 years, whereas the amount of water available on earth is limited. So water conservation is very important today. By adopting a method like a drip irrigation for irrigation in agriculture, we can preserve the water and achieve the goal of sustainable development.

What is drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is the method of irrigation in which the water is provided with a small diameter plastic pipe in the root area of the crops in the form of drop-droplets in a slow speed. This irrigation method was first invented in Israel, which is being used today in many countries of the world. In this method, water is used in a vulnerability manner, resulting in loss of water from the surface vapor and ground leakage.
This method of irrigation is very suitable for dry arid and semi-arid areas where it is used for irrigation of fruit gardens. Drip irrigation has shown possible to grow fruit gardens on saline soil. In this irrigation method, fertilizers are also provided as the slurry. Drip irrigation is very suitable for those areas where there is a shortage of water, the land of agriculture is unsustainable and the irrigation process is costly.

Drip irrigation advantages
drip irrigation

Drip irrigation in India:

In the last 15 to 20 years Drip  Irrigation System has increased popularity in various states of India. Today, 3.51 lakh hectares of area is covered under drip irrigation, which was only 40 hectares in 1960. India has the highest area under drip irrigation, Maharashtra (94 thousand hectares), Karnataka (66 thousand hectares), Tamil Nadu (55 thousand hectares) and Gujarat.

Drip irrigation system:

An ideal drip irrigation system, composed of the pump unit, control head, principal and sub-main lines, lateral, and emitters.
Pump unit creates a proper pressure for the release of water in the pipe system with water from the water source. The control center has a valve which regulates the release and pressure of water in the pipe system. There is also a filter to clean water. There is also some fertilizer or nutrient tank in control. During the irrigation, this leaves the fertilizer in water for irrigation. This is a major advantage of drip irrigation compared to other irrigation methods.
The main hose, the sub-main tube and the lateral, control the water from the principal to the water. The main hose, the sub-main tube and the lateral are usually made of polyethylene, so they are pressed into the ground to prevent them from being destroyed by direct solar energy. Usually, the diameter of the lateral tubes is 13-32 mm.

Exhaust is a device used to control the plants from the lateral to the water.

Benefits of drip irrigation:

There are many benefits of drip irrigation compared to conventional irrigation, which is as follows:

  •  Water use efficiency in drip irrigation up to 95 percent, whereas water use efficiency in the traditional irrigation system, is only about 50 percent. Therefore, this irrigation system has the ability to convert the unsurpassed land into fertile land.
  •  Water and fertilizer are supplied as much as the crops are required for drip irrigation. Therefore, in this irrigation method, fertilizers are not unheard of with water
  •  The irrigated method leads to rapid growth of the irrigated crop, as a result, the crop is early maturity.
  •  Drip irrigation method is very helpful in weed control because the low surface area due to the humidity, the weeds grow less.
  •  This irrigation method is very beneficial for the water scarcity areas.
  •  Water irrigation efficiency is more in water than other irrigation methods.
  •  This irrigation method is not affected by the underground leakage and surface drift of water.
  •  This irrigation method can also be used in the evening.
  •  Drip irrigation method provides ideal soil moisture level for good crop development.
  • In this irrigation method, chemical fertilizers can be provided with water in solution form.
  •  Drip irrigation is less likely to spread the spread of plant diseases spread through water.
  •  In this irrigation method, the possibility of wasting insecticides and fungicides is less.
  •  Saline water can be used for irrigation by this irrigation method.
  •  In this irrigation method, the yield of crops increases to 150 percent.
  •  Water saving can be up to 70 percent in drip irrigation compared to conventional irrigation.
  •  In the drip irrigation, the cost of wages is less compared to other irrigation methods.
  •  Through this irrigation method, scalable, sandy and mountainous areas can also be successfully used for farming.
  •   The problem of soil erosion which normally occurs in the surface irrigation are eliminated
  •  Distribution of water in drip irrigation is the same.
  •  In the drip irrigation, the crops of the crops are moisture, thereby reducing the possibility of plant disease.
  •  Power is also saved from drip irrigation.

Loss of drip irrigation:

There are also some losses along with profit in drip irrigation, which is as follows:

  •  Initial install (installation) of drip irrigation system is costly.
  •  Pipes used in drip irrigation are prone to damage by rats.
  • Turbid water cannot be used by this irrigation method because it threatens to drain out of the drainage.
  •  In this irrigation method, there is a danger of accumulation of salts near plants.

I hope you will get some idea about drip irrigation system  and its advantages and disadvantages 

profitable offline business in india

profitable offline constructional business in India is also one of the best business to earn lots of money with less investment. such as the supply of construction material, manufacturing plants. etc.some of the business I have mentioned below

profitable offline business in india
profitable offline business in India

Begin a Construction Company

Obviously, a standout amongst the most well-known organizations to begin in the development business is to enlist and begin a development organization. One thing is sure, making due in the business world as a development organization requires more than knowing how to convey standard undertakings yet in addition how to coordinate with key individuals that issues and leaders who can choose who a venture is to be given to what not.

In this way, in the event that you are a structural designer, an auxiliary architect or a calling in any related field and are searching for a business to begin, at that point one of your choices is to begin a development organization; it is a flourishing and productive business particularly in the event that you know how to position your business.

Begin a Cement Manufacturing Plant 

Concrete assembling organizations are yet another development related business that a business visionary ought to think about the beginning. Beginning a bond creation plant may be capital concentrated, however, one thing is sure, you wouldn't battle to offer your concretes - particularly on the off chance that you are offering at an aggressive cost. On the off chance that you have a strong capital base, at that point, you ought to consider opening your own concrete assembling plant.

This sort of business is very gainful in Africa essentially in light of the huge development works that is going on all around Africa. That does not imply that on the off chance that you live outside Africa that you can't effectively go into concrete assembling business; obviously bonds are sold in every one of the nations of the world.

Manufacturing of Blocks and Bricks

In the event that you are looking towards beginning a house business in the development business, a business that requires low begin – up capital and almost no innovation, at that point you ought to consider beginning a square and block producing organization. For whatever length of time that the development business is flourishing, squares and blocks fabricating industry will likewise flourish. The development business is the significant buyer of squares and blocks and on the off chance that you are into squares and blocks producing, you should guarantee that you coordinate with those in the development business; they are you, real customers.

Open a Cement Retailing Business 

An additional flourishing and productive business wander in the development business that a business person with almost no specialized aptitudes can consider beginning is to open a concrete retailing business. On the off chance that you are thinking about beginning this sort of business, at that point, your best alternatives are to pick an area that is reasonable for such a business. A Location that is opening up for advancement and building locales, among others, are places that are exceedingly reasonable for this kind of business.

Manufacturing Roofing Materials  Business 

Another development related business that merits beginning is the assembling of roofing materials. In all actuality without rooftops, a building can't be said to be finished. That demonstrates that there is the substantial market for roofing materials. Roofing materials producing business is a capital escalated business, yet in the event that you can direct market overview and practicality examines before putting resources into this kind of business, you will have the capacity to settle on great business choices that will help you breakeven inside record time.

Start Gathers Rental Business 

Gathers rental business is yet another cool technique for making from the improvement business. Amasses are used in the midst of improvement, material, putting, painting, pipes, and settling of windows and nets et al in story structures and raised structures. Thusly, in case you have the start – up income to create collects and moreover enough space to keep them, by then you should consider starting gathers rental business. This kind of business has low running cost and enormous turnover especially in case you can attract improvement associations that will rent your aggregates constantly.

Production of Nails 

Nails are profoundly required in the development enterprises for various purposes that range material structures to set up the structures for columns and all what not. In this way, on the off chance that you are searching for a flourishing and beneficial development related business to begin, at that point one of your choices is to go into the generation of nails. There is to be sure a tremendous market for nails and in the event that you deliver quality and solid nails, you wouldn't generally battle to pick up showcase acknowledgment particularly in the event that you have great advertising methodology.

 Manufacturing of Marbles and Tiles 

In the event that you are tinkering with beginning a business in the development business, at that point you should look towards going into the assembling of marbles and tiles. As of late, there is not really any house that is manufactured where tiles or marbles are not utilized for the deck. This demonstrates there is an enormous market for marbles and tiles. In spite of the fact that, this sort of business is generally capital serious, however, it is a business that you are sure of equaling the initial investment in a great time in the event that you know how to advertise your items. You ought not to consider offering your tiles and marbles just in your nation, however in the global market.

Offer Bricklayer Services 

Another method for profiting from the development business that a trying business person should consider on is to offer bricklayer administrations. In the event that you expect offering bricklayer administrations, you would need to experience training. As a bricklayer, it is your duty to advertise your administrations to players in the development business and as much as exists in your capacity, guarantee that go to building locales to showcase your business.

 Supply of Gravels and Sharp Sands  business

The supply of rock and sharp sands is yet another exceptionally flourishing and beneficial development related business that a yearning business visionary who is taking a gander at the beginning a business in the development business ought to think about opening. Truly, there is not really any development work that should be possible without rock and sharp sands. This demonstrates there is without a doubt a quite vast market for rock and sharp sands.

In this way, in the event that you are searching for a business to begin in the development business, a business that does not require preparing or any specialized abilities, at that point one of your alternatives is to go into the supply of rock and sharp sands. All you have to get this sort of business going is a tipper – truck and the expected grants to lift a rock and sharp sands from source.

safety precautions for floods

Flooding mostly occurs in areas where there are excessive rainfall and poor drainage system. Other causes of the flood include the flow of water from the rivers and oceans,, because of the breakdown of the dam, excessive water flowing in the plains, an excessive amount of water increased due to the sudden melting of the glaciers. Hurricanes and tsunamis cause floods in the coastal areas. Flooding as other natural disasters can also be a major cause of destruction.

Many towns and cities around the world are suffering from heavy flooding, causing harm to people and animals, resulting in property and other valuable properties and soil and plants damage. Farmers are also affected by the flood, because of the weather conditions their crops are wasted. Gathered water is also the reason for the spread of various diseases for several days in a special place. When circumstances are serious due to the flood, the schools and offices are closed furthermore, this causes issues of typical existence of the general population. Places that face severe flooding take months to be normal.

Whether the cause of waterborne or flood is natural or unnatural. As soon as this reminder comes, the hives are starting to feel like the mental condition of humans or animals which are flowing in the water discharge at that time, would be scary. Anybody who drowns thinks how to think and survive in a way that can escape. It is not easy to imagine this thing.

Ironically, there are some areas which are often affected by floods and even though the government is aware of this problem, even then proper measures are not taken to remove it. The government should make a good drainage system and water storage system to control this problem.

safety precautions for floods
safety precautions for floods

Types of flood

Many times the flood can be controlled over a few days, while many times it is controlled over the week so that there is a bad effect on the lives of people living in that area. Here's a look at various types of floods:

Slow-set flood

This kind of flood occurs when the water content of the rivers becomes high and the surrounding areas are affected by it. This kind of flood develops gradually and can last for a few weeks. It spreads for several kilometers and it has an impact on most of the lower areas. Due to floods in these areas, water can cause loss of life and property and various diseases can also flourish.

High-speed flood

They take some time to build and such flood can last for a day or two. Such floods are also very destructive. However, most people are warned about these and should try to avoid them before the situation worsens. In such places, tourists planning vacation plans should cancel their plans and if there is time, then try to avoid this situation.

Sudden flood

This kind of flood is mostly produced within a short period of time, such as a few hours or minutes. This is mostly due to heavy rain, due to the breakdown of ice or dam. This kind of flood is considered to be the most deadly and can also result in destruction on a large scale because it is almost sudden and people do not get any time to take precautions.


Flood in the affected areas disrupts day-to-day activities. Floods create various problems for people living in these areas. In the areas affected by heavy floods, it takes months to rebuild public life and sometimes even years-even years.

How to control the problem caused by floods

From disrupting human life to harming nature - Flood has many negative outcomes which are hard to manage. Thus controlling the flood is very important. Here are some ways to control this problem:

Flood warning system

Establishing better flood warnings systems is time so that people can be warned at the right time about the upcoming problem and they have enough time to protect yourself and your belongings.

Construction of buildings in flood-affected areas

Buildings should be constructed above flood level in flood-affected areas so that the loss of property is also avoided to avoid damage to people living there.

Start of water storage system

In order to reuse rainwater, the government should invest in the construction of water storage systems. Along these lines, water can be utilized widely rather than a flood of water and causing flooding in the fields.

increase the strength of drainage system

One of the main reasons for flooding is poor drainage system. To dodge waste, it is important to have great seepage framework, which won't prompt surge circumstance.

Introduce surge hindrance 

Surge hindrances ought to be set up in those territories which are influenced by the surge. They can be removed after water is released.

Channel the overpowered water to the dry season hit locale by influencing pipelines to like oil pipeline to a different state. After each risk level, water should stream normally with no intervention; These should keep the surge of water on requiring e.g amidst winter season. Just excess water will stream to the poverty-stricken part.

What to do before floods

  • Do not make houses in those areas which are flood-prone areas. Also, if your building houses in lower areas, then make the ground floor slightly above the ground.
  •  Put the water heaters, electric meters, etc. in the house upwards.
  • Put the valves in the pipes from the house and check regularly, otherwise, if the flood comes, the water can penetrate the toilet in your home through the pipes. From toilet to other rooms
  •  Do not get flood water in the house, prepare it for the first time. Like keepers of clay, wooden frames, etc., keep them.
  • Make waterproofing well for those who do not have a seal in the house.
  •  Keep a big strong rope in the house, because sometimes ropes are the only way to save a life.
  •  Repair the old tube of car, bike etc. in addition, keep it in the house. Pump air filling together
  • If the roof is weak in the house then repair it, or break it again and again.
  • If you leak water from the rooftops of the house then repair it now, do not wait for the rain.

If there is a flood in your area

  •  From TV, internet or radio, you discover that there is a flood in the area around your house.
  • Always be careful, because sometimes the water can suddenly enter the house with a strong downstream.
  •  Bring all the stuff in your house to the top of the house, free the ground floor so that there is no harm.
  • The stream of rivers, streams, canals etc. can suddenly break into your house, be careful with it. Prevent children from living on the ground floor.
  • Due to heavy rains, cloudbursts, etc., suddenly water can enter the house, home collapses, it will be better if you leave the house with the help of district administration.

Do not Do It During the Flood

  •  Bring all the essentials of your home to the upper garment. Take out the furniture that is kept out in the house.
  •  Turn off the main switch, even if you have to stay without electricity because if the current spreads during the flood, it can also be lost.
  •  Do not use a fridge, TV, washing machine, geyser etc.
  • What to do if the house is empty
  •  When the water is calm then leave home.
  •  You can drop the water flowing up to six inches.
  • If there is a sharp drop, then do not leave home, because this water can sink you.
  • Keep a stick together. Keep checking that there is no further pit, Only then proceed further.
  • If you have to leave between the waterfowl, then use the rope. It would be better if a rope is tied to a strong item.
  • Do not drive a car or bike, in a flooded area.

I hope this  will article help you to better understand about safety and precaution of flood

Dengue symptoms precautions and treatment

There are so many things in life that you do not want to be with you, dengue fever is one of them. This disease enters the body's immune system (disease resistance) so fast that the body gets broken.

Dengue is a related viral disease. This virus is transmitted by mosquito bites of Aedes species. Once the virus is detected in the body, the symptoms of dengue fever usually begin to appear within 5 to 6 days.  That mosquito bites in the daytime. The only way to avoid dengue is to avoid mosquitoes The special thing is that the Ace mosquito that spreads dengue grows in clean water instead of dirty water. Therefore, this mosquito is found more in the water collected in the rocks, coolers, tires, drum etc.
  As we all know that Dengue is a virus-related disease, hence there is no medicine to treat it. Be careful and avoid dengue mosquitoes, this is the easiest way.

Dengue symptoms precautions and treatment
dengue mosquito

symptoms of dengue

Various diseases start to occur in the rainy season, and fear of chikungunya or dengue is the first to start when a high fever comes. But to recognize dengue it is very important to know its symptoms. Let's know about its symptoms. Dengue suddenly starts with a high fever. This fever usually lasts for 6 days. Dengue has acute pain in muscles and joints. The rashes are the first of the feet and later the rash starts falling on the whole body.  Many times, if you do not get rashes in the dengue, we take it as a viral fever. Platelets decrease in the blood, platelets begin to fall rapidly. Hemorrhoids are also afraid of dengue, bleeding from the body starts coming out. It is the symptoms of dengue, contact the doctor if these symptoms appear.
Dengue infection is detected by a blood test. There are no special medicines to avoid this, but during this time you are advised to take proper rest and drink plenty of beverages. We are telling you some similar home and natural remedies from the advice of a health expert and doctor. So that you can save yourself from the outbreak of dengue.

Home remedies for Dengue


The doctor says that Giloy has great importance in Ayurveda. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate, keeping the immune system strong and protecting the body from infections. Dr. advises that their stems can be boiled and served as a herbal drink. Tulsi leaves can also be put in it.

papaya leaves:

 "It helps in increasing the number of platelets. Also, it is helpful in reducing the symptoms of fever, such as pain in the body, feeling weak, feeling impaired, feeling tired, etc. "You can cure its leaves or they can also be drunk like a drink. , Which help to remove the toxin from the body.


 It is used to increase metabolism. Not only this, it is also helpful in hurting the wound early. Turmeric can be sour mixed with milk.

Aloe vera -

 The juice Aloe vera keeps the digestive power correct. Empowers the liver. Builds hunger. Raises the power to fight diseases by increasing the body's immunity power.

Pomegranate juice - 

Pomegranate juice is especially important in dengue and other fever. Pomegranate juice removes the lack of blood.

Basil leaf decoction - 

Some leaves of basil rising in water and filtering is done by the patient. It is uncommonly profitable in dengue and other viral fevers. Hack, Cough, is similarly especially important in a crisp.

Gooseberry (Amla)  - 

An ointment is the best source of Vitamin C. The body absorbs more of the iron element when it is in the body. By which blood increases.

 Goat milk

Goat milk has many advantages, especially in dengue. Due to medicinal properties, it is a special odor. For dengue, it is most important. In fact, goats make their diet in medicinal plants in the jungle and it has its aroma in milk. There is also a lot of medicinal properties in this milk. Goat milk removes melodious, astringent, soft, receptive, mild, blood-gall, diarrhea, decay, cough, and fever. The usefulness of goat's milk proved to be useful during dengue fever.

It will not be surprising if it is called bone-breaking disease. So we have brought you some ways to avoid this: -

precautions to avoid dengue 

Dengue symptoms precautions and treatment
precaution to avoid dengue

1. Keep your surroundings clean and dry

to avoid the dangers of dengue it is advisable to keep clean and dry around you. Do not allow excess water to be collected. The mosquito-borne mosquitoes thus make their home in the collected water. So keep in mind that there is no water to be stored anywhere in the house. It should be ensured that there is an open space in the neighborhood of the house and the Sun is sunk due to drying of the water.

2. Cover and hold every item in the house. 

Under this process, you cover the household items whether it is a food utensil or water. The mosquito-spreading mosquitoes target open things, open food items are one of them.
3. Self-protect to avoid illness
You can start self-defense by wearing full sleeves shirts and paints, and wear a mattress while sleeping. Also, put mosquito cream on the body and keep mosquito nets away from the mosquitoes and shield mosquitoes from going into the house. Spray the mosquito killer in different parts of the house and apply musky net.

4. Keep the curtains on the doors

Put the curtain drawn from the wire on the main door of the house. Print the curtains on the windows of the house. To avoid the dangers of dengue, put a musketo net near your bed.

5. Avoid insecurity

Avoid insecurity from dengue and avoid visiting places where there are more vegetation and grass like a garden, park etc. Keep information about such places where mosquitoes are born, avoid such places.

 6. Keep Cleaning

This is most important and is primarily a part of personal hygiene. From time to time cleaning the cooler, tank, and wash basin will also help prevent mosquitoes from being born. You can do such a cleaning once a week to get rid of mosquitoes.

7. Use Chemical

Spraying of DD powder or bleaching powder around the house eliminates mosquitoes that spread dengue and keeps you healthy and safe.

Measures to Avoid Dengue Remedy To Avoid Dengue is not too difficult. To avoid such a difficult situation, these things need to be taken out in everyday routine. It would be beneficial for you and your loved ones to be aware of the dangers of dengue and take appropriate measures to stay safe.

information about olympics game

The advanced Olympic Games or Olympics are driving global wearing occasions including summer and winter sports conflicts in which innumerable from around the globe take an interest in an assortment of rivalries. The Olympic Games are seen as the world's vital games competition with more than 200 nations taking an interest. The Olympic Games are held at regular intervals, with the Summer and Winter Games exchanging by happening like clockwork yet two years separated.

information about olympics  game
olympics  game

Olympics History, Ideal, and Interesting Facts 

Olympic Games are the leading sporting events in the current time competition, in which thousands of athletes participate in many types of sports. In the Olympics, more than 200 countries participate in the form of participants.
The ancient Olympic Games began in Olympia city of Greece in 776 BC. For the first time, the game was played in honor of the Greek Gods Juice. These games were played once in 4 years, until 394 A.D., then the play was stopped due to the order of King Theodosius of Rome.

The modern Olympic sports competition started in 1896 in the city of Athens, Greece, with the efforts of "Barron Pierre de Coubertin" of France. It is also organized at every interval of four years. The International Olympic Committee was established in 1894 in place of Sakhon. Its central command is in Lausanne (Switzerland). The International Olympic Committee is the organization to operate the Olympic Games. This committee has an executive, consisting of one president, three vice-presidents, and seven other members. This institution determines the location, rules, operations etc. of this Olympic Games.

Olympics ideal 

In ancient times, among the warriors-players, during the peaceful period of time, games developed with competition between warriors, which later became the Olympic Games.

Olympic Flag 

On the suggestion of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the Olympic flag was created in 1913 AD. Its good opening took place in Paris in June 1914 and this flag was first fitted in the 1920 Antwerp Olympics. Foundation of the flag is white. In the middle of the flag made of silk, five colored chakras, like the Olympic symbol, have been shown to each other, which is a symbol of fair and open competition, with the representation of the five continents of the world.

Blue circle - Europe
Yellow cycle - Asia
Black Cycle - Africa
Green circle - oz
Red Chakra - A. and D. America

Purpose of the Olympics

In 1897, Sirius, Altius, Fortius (Citius, Altius, Fortius) written by Father Dedon, are the objectives of the Olympics in Latin, which means fast, high and strong. It was first presented in the Antwerp (Belgium) Olympic Games in 1920 as the object of the Olympics.
Olympic fire
The practice of Olympic torch burning began with the Amsterdam Olympics of 1928. In 1936, the current form of the torch was adopted in the Berlin Olympic Games. Since then, the practice of bringing the Olympic torch to the venue is started. A few days before the launch of the torch, Greece is ignited by the rays of the sun in front of "Hera Temple" in Olympia and from there it is brought to the venue by various players. The torch is lit by the same torch.

Olympic medals 

In the Olympic Games, the winners receive three types of medals - gold, silver, and bronze. Gold medals are in 60 mm circle and 3 mm thick. It is 92.25% silver-plated 6 grams of gold. The silver medal is 60 mm in a circle and 3 mm thick. It is made of 92.5% silver. Bronze is made of bronze completely. Gold, silver and bronze medals respectively are available to players coming in first, second and third places.

Interesting realities from the Olympic Game

The tradition of the mascot in the Olympic Games ceremony started from the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.
The wide-ranging broadcast of the Olympic Games began in the 1960 Rome Olympics Games.
At the inaugural ceremony of the Olympics, Greece's team is at the forefront of March-Past and the team of the Descent Country remains at the forefront. The location of teams from other countries is definite in the order of letters of the English alphabet.
In 1972, eleven Israeli athletes were killed in the Palestinian terrorist attack on the Munich Alliance.
Prior to Phelps, the record for winning a gold medal with a single Olympic medal s. a. Was Mark Spitz, who won gold medals in the 1972 Munich Olympics in different swimming events.
Participation in women's Olympic Games was held in 1900 AD from the Second Olympic Games.
The first Indian female player to participate in Olympic Games is "Mary Leela Roa".
A female player who won a successful gold medal in the same Olympics is "Christina Oty"Christina OT won 6 gold medals in swimming at the 1996 Seoul Olympics.

Following is the rundown of all the Indian medallists. 

1900 Paris: Norman Pritchard (2 Silvers in Athletics)
1928 Amsterdam: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1932 Los Angeles: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1948 London: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1952 Helsinki: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
Khashabha Dadasaheb Jadhav (Bronze award in Wrestling)
1956 Melbourne: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1960 Rome: Men's hockey group (Silver award)
1964 Tokyo: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1968 Mexico City: Men's hockey group (Bronze award)
1972 Munich: Men's hockey group (Bronze award)
1980 Moscow: Men's hockey group (Gold award)
1996 Atlanta: Leander Paes (Bronze award in Tennis)
2000 Sydney: Karnam Malleshwari (Bronze award in Weightlifting)
2004 Athens: Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (Silver award in Shooting)
2008 Beijing: Abhinav Bindra (Gold in Shooting)
Vijender Singh (Bronze award in Boxing)
Sushil Kumar (Bronze award in Wrestling)
2012 London: Vijay Kumar (Silver award in Shooting)
Sushil Kumar (Silver award in Wrestling)
Gagan Narang (Bronze award in Shooting)
Saina Nehwal (Bronze award in Badminton)
Yogeshwar Dutt (Bronze award in Wrestling)
M.C. Mary Kom (Bronze decoration in Boxing)
2016 Rio de Janeiro: Pusarla Venkata Sindhu (Silver decoration in Badminton)
Sakshi Malik (Bronze decoration in Wrestling)

I hope you will get some idea about this articles information about  Olympics  game

importance of raksha bandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with the full moon of Shravan Mas. In the year 2018, it will be celebrated on August 26. This festival symbolizes the unbreakable bond of a brother-sister relationship. This is a great festival of Indian traditions, which strengthens every social relation with the affection of brother and sister only. Therefore, this festival keeps cultural, social significance along with connecting between brother and sister.

To understand the importance of protecting bondage, it must first be understood by its meaning. "Rakshabandhan" Raksha Bandhan is made up of two words. That is a bond that promises to defend. On this day, the brother takes his promise to his sister over his responsibilities.

importance of raksha bandhan
importance of Raksha Bandhan 

Importance of Rakshabandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is especially a festival of emotions and sensations. A bond that binds two people with the thread of affection. Restricting Raksha Bandhan to brother-sister will not be right. Rather, any bond that can bind to anyone. Moving ahead of the boundaries of brother-sister relationship, this bond is to bind the disciple of Rakhi to the disciple of a brother, to bind a brother's brother to another, to rake rakhis among the sisters, and to make two friends rakhi to each other, the children of the parents It can be tied to rakhi.
In today's perspective, Rakhi is not only to accept the sister's relationship, but Rakhi means that which binds a thread of faith and faith. He accepts the obligations of Rakhi Bandhani. Trying to fulfill that relationship with full devotion.

Raksha Bandhan in Today's Time

In the present society, the social virtues are being exposed in front of all of us. The fate of Raksha Bandhan can be helpful in removing them. Today, when we see elderly parents going for an extended ashram while looking for support, then there is a question mark on their development and progress. To solve this problem, Rakhi can be used to take responsibility for all kinds of responsibilities throughout the life of the parent by the daughter-in-law, by holding the rakhi. Thus this major problem of society can be addressed.

Thus, not only considering the protection bond as a festival of siblings, we all have to understand its importance in different references, while widening the scope of our thoughts. In short, it is a festival to strengthen relationships with the bondage of love and love. This method of bonding identifies Indian culture differently from other cultures of the world.

The significance of Raksha Bandhan in Modern Age

Today, there has not been any reduction in the auspiciousness of the festival, but its importance has increased. Many times in today's limited families, there are only two sisters or two brothers in the house, in this situation, they are spotted on the festival of Raksha Bandhan to celebrate how they will celebrate the feast of Raksha Bandhan. Who will buy them Rakhi, or who will they make Rakhi? In such a situation, the situation can generally be seen around us.
It is not that only brother-sister relationship requires strength or rakhi. While straining the sister's sister and brother's brother with Rakhi brings one closer to each other. Erases the differences between them. The lack of time in the modern era has made a different distance in relationships. In which there is no time for each other, due to this, family members can not interact with each other. The lack of communication gives rise to differences. And misunderstandings get a place.
If the sister-sister on this day binds Rakhi to brother-brother, then such problems can be dealt with. This festival can also play a key role in erasing communalism and class caste divisions. If needed then only made a try.

Draupadi tied up Krishna to Rakhi

It is believed that in the Mahabharata, Draupadi had set up a defense in the hands of Lord Krishna and in return, Krishna had promised to protect Draupadi.

Lord Indra got a victory from Rakshabandhan

It has been said in the future that war broke out between the gods and the demons. Asir defeated Lord Indra and took control of Amravati.
Then Indra's wife came to Lord Vishnu, asking for help from Sakti. Lord Vishnu made Sachi a vial to be worn by cotton yarn in one hand. Lord Vishnu told Sachi that to bind it in the wrists of Indra, to attach it to Indra's wrist. Sachi did similarly. They tied the vial in Indra's wrist and wished security and success. After this, Lord Indra defeated the sacrifice and took control of Amravati.

The story of King Bali and mother Lakshmi:

It is said in Bhagavat Purana and Vishnu Purana that the king of Bali called Lord Vishnu to live in his palace. Lord Vishnu accepted this request and the king started living with sacrifice. Mother Lakshmi decided to go to heaven with Lord Vishnu. He made King Bali a defense thread and made a brother. The king asked Lakshmi Ji that you asked for a gift. On this, Mother Lakshmi told King Bali that she liberate Lord Vishnu from her word and let Lord Vishnu know with her mother   On this, Bali said that I have accepted you as your sister, so I will definitely fulfill whatever wish you have expressed.
King Bali freed Lord Vishnu from his bondage and let him go with mother Lakshmi.

String for the Protection of Trees

Today, when we talk of celebrating the Raksha Bandhan festival in a new form, then what we need to save beyond society, family and even the country today is the creation, on this holy festival of Rakhi, we all join together Take this resolution, on the day of Rakhi, tied a tree of affection to a tree, and take responsibility for protecting that tree. In the worship of goddesses as a deity, the interest of humankind lies in it. We should do something to do on this day to protect the nature which is coming from us only for selfless self.
Plants are giving life to human beings, keeping themselves adaptable in all kinds of environments without any discrimination. To protect this god, it has become very necessary to take the resolve to protect trees on Rakhi day. Let us all take a pledge to protect a tree by tying a thread of Rakhi together

Top 20 best business ideas with less investment

Are you looking for low-cost high-end small-scale industries? Here are some Small Business Ideas with Low Investment High Profit. Are you looking for some businesses that can earn more money by investing less?
if yes! So leave the worry because today I am going to tell you about some small or low-cost business in this post for you, in which you can earn a lot of money according to your Talent and Idea.
Above all else, before picking any business, it is imperative to know whether you have the right and finish learning identified with that business? Without comprehension and without the information nothing gets.
One thing we all know is that there are many kinds of difficulties that arise before starting any business or sometimes failure. In any case, with disappointment or disappointment, we ought to dependably learn and don't commit those errors once more. The best cost of free organization and privately owned business is that you can benefit from it, yet if this business isn't successful then you lose about nothing.
Top 20 best business ideas with less investment
 best business ideas with less investment

Top 20 best business ideas with less investment

1.Home Decoration

This is another Business Idea which is getting to be stylish in these 1-2 years. This business is especially for people with creative minds. You do not have to invest anything in it. All you have to do is use your mind and decorate their home with your customer's money.
There can be numerous sorts of spots, for example, home, office, lofts, school and so on.

2. Card printing business

Today, a great many people discover a place to print Invitation Cards for their different kinds of Meetings, Birthday, Marriage and numerous different occasions. In this case, this business is at the top of today's era.
According to your experience or experience, you can start your own business by doing any of your wedding, birthdays, meetings such as a Niche. In the event that you have great information about printing machine, at that point, you can profit around here.

3. Small Fast-Food Business

Trade in fast food is increasing in India. Here are some fundamental sorts of sustenance things like Burgers, Egg Rolls, Noodles, Manchurian and so on. Here we are talking about the small fast food business, not about big companies' franchises. In such a little junk food business, the drive-thru food producer is the proprietor of that business.
People who specialize in making fast food in their homes can start this business. You do not need much cost to open a fast food shop. Simply need to rent Ingredients and Shop to make your fast food. If you have your own place for the shop then it is even better.

4. Carpentry Business

Carpentry business has constantly been in Demand and at the period of the wedding, don't express that restrictive in the salary and in no private wonder. If Carpentry is your Hobby and in case you are an authority in making wooden furniture then you should start your own specific autonomous organization.

5. Job Recruiting Services

The Recruiting Agency is a huge Low Investment Business Idea that will empower you to find stable jobs for people. Your essential endeavor in this business is to complete the unfilled places in different associations by giving a brief or enduring occupation by the all-inclusive community.

6. Freelancer Business

Or trade can also be temporary and Permanent too. This is a lot of people on the internet today. A Freelancer is an independently employed individual who takes some cash and finishes crafted by somebody by utilizing their abilities.
For example, some individuals get a kick out of the opportunity to make people of their association, to upgrade a couple of things related to the site, form an article for some person or do whatever other work that does not go to another person. You don't have to contribute any kind of advisor business.

7.  Selling Products on Shopping Websites

If you already have a business or you have a shop whose items are not being sold appropriately, at that point the best Idea is to offer your items on the Online Shopping website. The best ideal position of this is you will get a regularly expanding number of customers on the web and the arrangement will be fundamentally higher.
There is no foundation for you in it because if you live in the metro city then sitting at home you can convey the products to the urban communities and towns of each territory of India.

8. Dance Classes

If you have an interest in dance and you dance very well and people want to learn dance at that point you can begin your own particular dance classes. You can make your dance style your identity.
If you want you can also take dance classes in your house, if there is not enough space in your house then you can also take place in the rental. You can take both types of group and private classes according to your convenience.

9. Beauty Parlor at Home 

The beauty parlor is a rapidly growing business worldwide for generations.. Salon and beauty parlor is a big business today, with a lot of Opportunities, especially for women entrepreneurs who are experts in this thing.
Beauty Parlor You can start with very little money. You need some good cosmetic products for beginners, also for beauty tools and a wonderful place for Parlor, they can be your home or even a rented put.

10. Tailoring and Clothes Designing business

Do you do awesome sewing and you like outlining garments and you are searching for work? If so, at that point I need to reveal to you this isn't an ideal opportunity to discover an occupation, yet this time the matter of outlining your own particular sewing and garments.
You can in like manner start sewing business in your home. Make money by teaching people tailoring. You can sell and sell by stitching the best dresses. This time is of fashion, and in this way, 99% of the business will be successful.

11.  Repairing Electronic Equipment

Today electronic products are everywhere, whether it is home or office. whether it is TV or Cooler, the usage of electronic separates is extending every day, and the quicker it is being utilized, the electronic machines are deteriorating. In such a way, the business of Electronic Equipment Repairing is very much needed.
So at whatever point you open the electronic shop repairing shop, it will keep running specifically. The cost is very low in this business, but it is very important to have a good experience with Training Certificate.

12.  Running a Tuition Center at Home

Yes, you can start your own tuition center at home, according to your Education Qualification. In today's era, there are many such young boys and girls who are studying and also taking Tuition Classes in their homes.
Your earning in this business is over your time and you need a home in Investment. If you have to start a little Tuition Center, you can start by mixing some extraordinary teachers with various Subjects.

13.  Small Grocery Shop

Starting a grocery store is a very easy business. In this, you have to buy groceries from grocery stores and people have to sell at retail prices. One of the greatest things in this business is to make a buy of your possessions and compose the right record of the record.

14. Ice Cream Parlor 

This business is very good for newcomers. There are very small investments in this and around this 70%, people are crazy about ice cream. Just need a good place where you can start Ice Cream Parlor.
Some of your small things like ice-cream making utensils, machines, and fridges so that you can keep ice cream in the store.

15 eBook Writing and Selling

Ebook is an electronic version of a book that can be read on mobile phones and computers. In today's online world, a lot of people buy and sell ebooks on the internet.
In the event that you like writing workbooks, you can make an electronic adaptation of it and offer it on the web and win a great deal of cash. There are some great websites for eBooks such as Amazon, SeoClerks, Fiverr, Payhip, Selz, Feivr.

16. Blogging

Blogging is an OK strategy to obtain money while sharing your knowledge on the web. Today lots of people have joined Blogger on the Internet, which has made blogging its business and life. You can share your understanding of web diaries and moreover give awesome tips to people. All you have to do is make your blog online and write your post and publish it. You do not need any kind of qualification for this. Everyone can be blogging.

17. Juice Shop

Drinking juice is extremely useful for wellbeing and individuals constantly jump at the chance to drink great new squeezes. You barely have seen any Juice Shop that has ever been vacant The juice of the juice has always been and will remain.
You can start the juice shop at a low cost and earn well in itYou can offer a grouping of normal item squeeze and some mix natural item crush also. You can also sell some snacks in your juice shop.

18. Fishery Business

In fishery cultivating or cultivating, you can profit, you simply require the perfect place and preparing. The extraordinary thing about this business is that you can likewise angle cultivate in your own lake or in a lake utilized for lease. Fish is exceptionally advantageous for wellbeing and is a decent fat source.
You need to purchase little fish goad for this business by purchasing little fish and they need to develop in the lake. For this, it is very important to use the information about their health, using the right fish grain.

19. Mobile Application Developer

If you are an App Programmer or you have a good knowledge of programming then you can become a Mobile App Developer. You can also make money by selling your mobile app to a company or by putting Admob's ads inside the app.
You can also make your app for different Smartphone company's Models and publish it to different stores such as the Google Play Store, App Store.

20. Xerox and Lamination Business

The work of Xerox, Lamination, and Books is the traditional trade of all the cities that have been running for many years. This business can begin with a solitary individual effectively and there is significantly less. Around here you require 2-3 electronic machines, particularly like Xerox Machine, Lamination Machine, and Computer.
After purchasing these goods, you will need a rental place for the shop and you will have to pay a few quotas like expensive inc, toner, paper, and electricity. This business can also be started in a 6 x 6 feet room.

how to protect yourself from earthquake

how to protect yourself from the earthquake
As soon as the name of the earthquake takes place, the mind shakes with fear. Where there is an earthquake, many houses become demolish, and along with the human beings, many organisms die in homes and the scene of the total end becomes present.
If the earth shakes, then wherever the ground comes from the middle of the river, then the earth bursts and takes the form of a lake. An earthquake comes and gives many kinds of pain

how to protect yourself from earthquake
how to protect yourself from the earthquake

Earthquake forecast not possible

Earthquake is a process that is not possible to predict. Regardless of the modern features of science, it is difficult to tell the magnitude and intensity of the earthquake effect when it comes to the earthquake.

  When there is an earthquake, two kinds of waves come out. One is called Primary Wave and the other is called secondary Wave.

The average speed of the primary wave is 6 km. Per second, while the secondary tendency is 4 km. Runs at a speed per second
With this difference, every 100 km But the difference of 8 seconds is different. That is, 100km from the earthquake center 8 seconds before the distance can be known that the earthquake is coming.

This period is very short of some seconds. This is the reason that no prediction of an earthquake could be possible without it. Yes, with the help of this bullet train and nuclear power plants in Japan are stopped in automatic mode.


After the earthquake, most of the people are in a state of uncertainty. Can not comprehend what to do. Stay in the house or go out of the house. What to do if you have to live in the house? What to do if you are out of the house? If you are in the Multistory Building then what to do. What to do if you are in an old type of house? If we do not look at these things, the damage is very high.

Earthquake is a natural process that is almost impossible to predict. Often people are saying that if the weather department gives information to us, then the loss will be less. In an interview given to ABP Live, UP Meteorological Department director JP Gupta says that "it can not predict when the earthquake will occur." There can be no definite time of the earthquake. If a person is saying that an earthquake at such a big time, then it will be a rumor. Some mischievous elements do this to spread panic. '

What precautions should we take before an earthquake arrives?

If we make advance plans about the earthquake, the damage can be greatly reduced. The loss of houses, roads bursts and loss of livelihood can be minimized. We must follow the 'earthquake building standards' about the construction of seismic houses.

Environmentalist Vandana Shiva explains, "There are always earthquakes in California, but there is a 'building code' in it so that the houses there tolerate the earthquake and do not cause a major damage to life and property. That's why we have to try that in the 'Earthquake fault' areas, prepare the building code according to the scientists' sayings. It is a very simple thing that if we build ten-floor buildings instead of one floor, then our loss will also be ten times as one.  The building code is very important to avoid this ten-fold loss. Governments should, in the country wherever there are 'Earthquake Fault' areas, investigate the land there and construct the building codes on the same basis. "

He further says that "The problem of our governments is that on one side they want to modernize, under which large, high-rise houses are built and on the other hand ignores the dangers of the earthquake." The security which is with the security of modernity, the governments are ignored by saying that we can not make such arrangements because we are a poor country. What a weird thing it is Where is it possible to avoid earthquake? Obviously, the two cannot be together.

Bring modernization, then security will also be brought with him. Bring nuclear weapons, but simultaneously also develop ways to avoid them. We want to do only one, which can no longer be of any benefit, except for damage. If GM will bring, then biosafety will also be brought. In the same way, if you want to build big and tall houses, you will also have to create a 'Building Code' in view of that area's 'Earthquake Fault'. "

What to do during an earthquake

As much as possible during an earthquake, stay safe. Keep in mind that some earthquakes are actually pre-tremors and later a larger earthquake can occur. To get closer to a safe area, keep your activities confined to a few steps, and if you are inside the house, stay there until you are sure that the vibrations have stopped and it is safe to get out.

If in the house

i. Sit immediately on the floor, go under a sturdy table or other furniture and use it as a shield; And stay there until the vibration closes. If you do not have a desk or desk, cover your face and head with arms and tilt in the inner corner of the building.
ii. Stay away from any objects that may fall like glass, windows, exterior doors and walls and light fittings or furniture.
iii. If you are on the bed while the earthquake is coming, stay there. Protect your head from a pillow, provided that you are not under a heavy light fitting that can fall. In that situation, visit the nearest safe place.
iv. Use a door for shelter only if it is close to you and if you know that it is strongly supported, it is a loadable gate.
v. Be careful that the electricity can be shut down or the fountain system or fire alarm may be turned on.
vi Do not use lift.

If you are out of the house

i. Stay Outside
ii. Move away from the buildings, roads, and utilities.
iii. Once in the open, stay there until the vibration closes. The biggest hazard is to exit the buildings, on exit routes and exterior walls. Most of the 120 deaths occurred in the 1976 earthquake in Log Beach when people ran out of buildings and buried under the debris fallen from the collapse of the walls. Slowing lands during an earthquake rarely causes death or injury directly.    Most deaths associated with earthquake are caused by falling walls, glass pieces, and falling objects.

If in a moving vehicle

i. The sooner the security permits, stop the vehicle and sit in it as soon as possible. Avoid staying near or near buildings, trees, upper paths and utility wires.
ii. Carefully proceed with the earthquake. Avoid roads, bridges, or ramps that have potentially damaged earthquake.

If buried in wreckage

i. Do not burn matchboxes.
ii. Do not remove dust or kick it.
iii. Cover your face with a handkerchief or cloth.
iv. Hit the pipe or wall so that the rescue team can find you. Use a whistle if available. Just shout as a last resort. By shouting, your breath can go in a dangerous amount of dust in the body.

how to protect yourself from earthquake
buried in wreckage

What to do after an earthquake

i. After the earthquake's major shocks, light shocks can come, expect it. These secondary shockwaves are usually less damaging than the main earthquake but can be powerful enough to damage the weaker structures and may occur in the few hours, weeks or even months after the earthquake.
ii. Check out battery controlled radio or TV. Listen for the latest emergency information.
ii Utilize phone just for crisis calls.
iii. Open the caverns carefully. Beware of objects that can fall from the sleighs.
iv. Avoid harmed zones. Stay away until a special request is made by the police, fire department or relief organizations to assist you. Return only when it is secured to be told by authorities to do so.
v. Immediately clear the spreading medicines, bleach, gasoline or other flammable liquids. If you are feeling gas or vapor from other chemicals, then move away from that area.
vi. Inspect the full length of the chimneys for damage. Such damage which is not given attention can cause a fire.
vii Inspect Utilities.
viii  Check the sewage and water lines for damage. If you suspect that sewage lines have been damaged, avoid using toilets and call the plumber.

Importance of nag panchami

The importance of Nag Panchami and the time of worship

According to Hindu religion, Panch Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the Shukla party of Shravan month. According to the Skanda Purana, worshiping serpents on this day all the desires are complete. On this day 12 forms of Naga Devta are worshiped. It is believed that Lord Shankar is pleased with worshiping and worshiping the serpent god and giving pleasure to him. The date of Nag Panchami is starting on 03:.27 on the morning of August 15 and ends on August 16 at 01:51pm

Legend of Nagpanchami

In ancient times, Sethji had seven sons. The seven were hitched. The spouse of the most youthful child was knowledgeable and delicate, however, her sibling was definitely not. One day, the elder daughter-in-law asked all the people of the bridegroom to walk together to bring yellow clay to the house, and all the dhalia and Korpi started digging the soil. Then there a snake came out, which the big daughter-in-law started to kill with a hoof. Seeing this, the younger daughter-in-law stopped him saying, 'Do not kill it?' This poor man is innocent. '

After hearing this, the senior girl in-law did not slaughter him, at that point the serpent would go towards one side. At that point the more youthful girl in-law said to her-'We return now, you don't go from here. By saying this, he took the dirt with everybody and went home and overlooked the guarantee made to the snake caught in the work there.

When he remembered that thing the next day, he took everyone along with him and saw the snake sitting at that place and said, "Snake brother!" The serpent said - '- 'You have said a sibling, so I abandon you, else, you are screwed in view of saying a false thing. That quote - brother forgot me, I apologize, then said the snake - Well, you have been my sister since today and I am your brother. Ask for whatever you want, ask for it. That quote- brother! I have no one, it is good that you became my brother.

Following a couple of days, the snake went to the house with a type of man and stated, 'Send my sister to me.'Everyone said that 'he had no brother, so he said - I am a brother in a distant relationship, he went out in my childhood. On getting his trust, the general population of the house sent the little ones with him. He said in the way, 'I am a snake right there, so do not be scared and hold my asking where there is difficulty in walking. He did just as he said and thus he reached his house. He was amazed to see the wealth of wealth there.

One day the serpent's mother told him- 'I am going out of a job, you give your brother cold milk. He couldn't have cared less about this and gave him hot drain, in which his face was dreary. Seeing this, the serpent's mother became very angry. But the silence of the snake became silent. At that point, the snake said that the sissy should now be sent to his home. Then the serpent and his father gave him a lot of gold, silver, jewels, clothes and etc. to his home.

Seeing so much wealth, the elder daughter-in-law told the irritation- The brother is a big wealthy person, you should get even more money from him. When the snake heard it, he brought all the things to gold. Seeing this, the senior little girl in-law stated, 'They ought to likewise have a floor brush of residue'. Then the snake brought the broom to sleep.

The snake gave a little daughter-in-law a wonderful necklace of diamonds. The Queen of that country also praised her and she said to the king that the defeat of Seth's younger daughter-in-law should come here. The king taught the priest that he would before long be available with this thrashing and the minister went to Sethji and said that 'Maharaniji will wear a small bahu's neck, give him and give me'. Sethji gave due to pay to the more youthful little girl in-law.

The youngest daughter-in-law felt very sad about this, she remembered her snake brother and prayed on arrival- brother! The queen has taken away the defeat, you should do something to that effect when the jewelry stays in her neck, until the point that it turns into a snake, and when she returns to me, then become the diamonds and beads. The serpent did exactly that. As soon as the Queen wore a necklace, she became a snake. Seeing this, the queen started crying and crying.

Seeing this, the king sent a news to Seth that sends the youngest daughter-in-law immediately. Sethji was worried about the possibility that the lord would not know what to do? They introduce themselves alongside the more youthful little girl in-law. The ruler asked the more youthful little girl in-law what enchantment did you do, I will rebuff you. Younger sibling in-law: Rajan! Excuse selfishness, the annihilation is to such an extent that the precious stone and the dots are in my neck and the serpent moves toward becoming in the neck of the other. After hearing this, the ruler made a snake and offered it to him and said - Dress it now and show it. The more youthful girl in-law before long ended up worn when she worn it.

Seeing this, the lord ended up persuaded of his perspective and satisfied him and offered him numerous stances as well. The little he returned home with his defeat and these. After seeing his wealth, the elder daughter-in-law taught her husband due to irritation that the daughter-in-law has got money from somewhere. After hearing this, her better half called her significant other and said - Tell me precisely who gives this riches to you? Then he started to remember the snake.
At the same time, the serpent appeared and said: If I doubt my behavior towards my sister's sister, then I will eat it. The spouse of the little girl in-law was exceptionally satisfied to hear this and she congratulated the serpent god. From that day, the festival of Nagpanchami is celebrated and women worship the snake as a brother and worship him.

How to worship

On this day on both sides of your door should make a shape of snakes from cow dung and worship it with sun and flowers. After this, the worship of Indra-Devi should be worshiped. He should worship them with curd, milk, intestine, gourd floral, navy etc. After this, after eating Bhakti, Brahmins should eat themselves after eating food. On this day the sweet food should be eaten according to its interest. On this day, the grace of Kuber Ji is made on a man who donates money. It is believed that if a member of a person is killed by a snake bite, then he should fast for Panchami for twelve months. Through the fasting of this fast, there will be no fear of snake in the total of the person