Compare phones

Nowadays a number of phones are available in the market so people get confused that which phone should be bought because different company launching different type of phone every year so it is very difficult to compare phones that which phone is best.

compare phones
compare phones

I  will give you some tips that help you  to choose the best phone in your budget

  •  you should know about battery backup
  •  you should know about RAM
  •  what is the new feature
  •  camera quality
  • There are numerous things you should look at before acquiring the best cell phone for your own or expert utilize. Today marks like Samsung, HTC, Lenovo and numerous more are putting forth one of a kind highlights appropriate to client's need and pocket.
  • Anyone of your friends who is a technical enthusiast. You should contact them because they help you understand in a better way. You should know that it all depends on the technical specifications, and if you install some heavy applications or solve some heating problems, then the phone can make accurate guesses.
  • Just check that the mobile company you choose has all the service centers located near your home.
  • Mobile Company Rating on Google
  • Customer feedback review on shopping sites like Amazon etc.
  • Then if you want the value for money then check the local classified site like OLX, you can use the value of the phone from there, you can see whether the phone is very good or not, the resale value is always high Will happen
  • Never choose a newcomer mobile company like 10or. Etc. Because they shop for less profit
  • Now screen size 5.5 is good and 5.2 is handy but before buying check the quality of display like PPI stands for pixel per inch the good ppl I think is 401 to 570 lower will not give that much of crisp but if its iPhone they give 370 which is lower but better hence they use totally different technology
  • Keep in mind don,t forget to go for Snapdragon more than 600 arrangement, for example, 630, 635, 825.etc, check the speed of the processor clock, it should not  be  less than 2GHz with no less than 3 GB RAM since now day versatile we utilize 4G, so there is no carelessness
  • Now when we have good ram and processor now we need more space so try to search for 32 to 64gb or 128gb so u can use the phone for coming 1 to 2years. Don’t get into the trap of iPhone like co they are taking 70k still offering 16gb in base models. When a company is offering so good camera excellent built quality why giving only 16gb memory and no expandable memory. The reason they want us to get the memory full of our lovely pics and videos within a few months and again rush to their store to buy a top model or new phone with more space.

  • Now the major quality camera always searches dual camera so you can get bokeh effect, as well as detailed images for good camera, go for pixel like 16mp 21 mp with autofocus flash. For a selfie search 8mp wide camera with flash or above and for back Search full HD camera which supports video recording with 2160p at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps.witb autofocus The camera with autofocus. Search sony lenses are good as Samsung LG most of the company uses Sony Exmor camera. And if u can get a phone with Leica lens it will be one of the best after iPhone. But Leica lens only comes in Huawei flagship phones
  • Now the stamina of the phone battery if your users are less the go for 3000 mah if your uses are high go for 4100mah or above. But before buying a phone with big battery please check its should support fast charging or quick charging or otherwise you will need 10hours of charging time to fill a 5000mah empty phones.
  • Highlights – as each working framework will offer its own exclusive highlights, for example, web perusing, maps, email and so forth check your genuine use and need of the highlights advertised. For example, Android has Google Now, permits outsider mixes, unique mark sensors, distributed storage, google drive for records and distributed storage and so forth.
  • you will get this all feature in a range of 8000-12000 don't buy high price phone because any phone will be damaged in 1 or 2 years so  its better change the phone every 1 or 2 years according to the market because variety is needed in your life

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