why chhath puja is celebrated

why chhath puja is celebrated
chhath puja 

Happy chhath puja to all my friends in this year chhath puja  will be celebrated on 13th November so in this post I am going to share some information about chhath puja

Why is the festival of Chhath Puja celebrated?

Mainly this festival is celebrated for the worship of Sun God. So that the family could get their blessings. Apart from this, this fast is also kept for the pleasant future of the child. It is said that by keeping the fasting of the Chhath festival, the children also get the children of the destitute. In addition to this, Chhath Mai is kept fast for the fulfillment of desires.

Importance of Chhath Puja

During the sunrise and sunset of Chhath Puja, there is a special significance. The time of sunrise and sunset is the most important time of day, during which a human body can secure solar energy without any harm. This is the reason that in the Chhath festival, it is a myth to give sunlight to Arghya and Vihayya Arghya. During this period, the level of ultraviolet radiation in solar energy is reduced, then it is safe for the human body.  People worship Chhath for continuing life on earth as well as thanking Lord Sun for receiving blessings.

The ritual of Chhath puja, (by body and mind purification) provides mental peace, increases energy level and immunity, ignites the frequency of anger, as well as reduces negative emotions. It is also believed that Chhath helps slow down the aging process. In such beliefs and rituals, Chatha rituals in Hinduism make up the most important festivals.

happy diwali 2018 importance

happy diwali 2018 importance
happy diwali

Happy Diwali  to all of you my friend in  this year 2019 Diwali will be celebrated on 27 October and in this post  I am going to share some information  about Diwali

Diwali, also known as Deepawali, it is one of the most important, highly anticipated and very beautiful festivals celebrated in parts of India and Nepal. Originally, the name was Deepawali, whose origin is from Sanskrit, which means "Lines of Deep".

Over the years names have been pronounced in the form of Diwali, especially in Hindi, while it still remains Deepawali in Nepalese. Diwali is also known as "Lights of Fest", which is celebrated with great excitement and is celebrated as an official holiday throughout India.


The festival of Diwali is not only important for the Hindus but also the importance of Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. For Hindus, it is associated with the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after his 14 years of exile and victory over Ravana's monster.

On that day, in the state of Ayodhya, he was welcomed with the lines of Deep, which became lighter throughout the state.

Thus, there is a tradition of giving light to the oil lamps, which symbolizes the victory of freedom from evil and the spiritual darkness

On this day people worship God. There is special worship of Goddess Lakshmi and Kuber deities of wealth. On this day, fireworks are completely illuminated by the sky. After this, family and friends of the family celebrate this night by sweets and food.

why in gujarat garba is played in navratri

why  in gujarat garba is played in navratri

Why is Navaratri celebrated

Like this other festival, this festival also has a historical background. According to a story related to this festival, Goddess Durga killed Asur Mahishasur. Mahishasur received a boon he cannot be killed by any male or god, and he started misusing his power. Mahishasur teased all the gods. With his power, he expanded the hell to the door of heaven, so that the gods became frightened. Mahishasur took control of heaven and all the gods had to go away from the earth to heaven. Mahishasur's action led to all the gods being angry and then all the gods together formed the Goddess Durga. To destroy Mahishasura, all the Gods gave their weapons to the Goddess Durga, Goddess Durga became powerful. Nine days there was a war between Goddess Durga and Mahishasur and in the end, Goddess Durga ended Mahishasura.

Navaratri is a Sanskrit word, Navaratri is a Hindu festival, which means nine nights. This festival comes twice a year. One is the monarchy Navratri, the second is Chaitra Navaratri. In nine nights of Navratri, there are three Hindu Goddesses - Parvati, Lakshmi, and Saraswati, nine forms of worship, which are called Navdurga. Mata Navadurga gives infinite Siddhis and Kali is the first major in ten major faculties. In ten powers of Lord Shiva, many of the ten modes of forming a variety of forms in the fiery and gentle, two forms are capable of providing infinite Siddhis.

fact about Navratri and garba

  • In these nine days taboos, meat-feeding and female contamination are considered barbaric. In these nine days, special attention is given for purity and purity. All the practices and motivations performed in these nine days are accomplished by meditation and devotion. Dishonesty and mourning are produced from impurity.

  • Today's Garba dance has been completely traditional, in which the nature of politics is minimal or unequal. You can also see its commercial nature.

  • Before independence, the Nawabs ruled Gujarat, at that time Garba used to have the glory of Gujarat only. But after independence when the people of Gujarat got out of their state and made their residences in other places, gradually the garba was also organized at other places.

  • The connections of Garba and Navaratri are many years old from today. Previously it was played only at traditional places like Gujarat and Rajasthan, but gradually it was accepted by many countries of the world, including the whole of India.

  • The significance of garba is not only religious but also associated with politics and literature.

  • Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, the whole universe revolves around this trinity of the gods. The invocation of these three gods is called the power.

  • To worship God in Hindu religion, hymns and Aarti are performed, which is not only read but also sung with music and instrumental instruments. Garba full of devotion is also a medium of rhythm and devotion to the devotion of mother Amba.

  • The people of Gujarat believe that this dance mother is very dear to Amba, so Garba is organized to please her.

  • Another perspective on the symbolic form of Garba is that as soon as the dancers revolve around the circle of circular movements with their hands and feet, it reflects the cycle of life, which goes from life to death until it is reborn.

  • In Garba dance, women also use clap, pinch, dandiya, and manjirs. For giving rhythm, women give different rhythms in groups of two or four. During this time songs related to Goddess Shakti and Krishna's Raslila are sung.

  • Garba was traditionally performed around a large embryo lamp, which represented life in the form of a fetus in the womb of a mother. This dance form worship Goddess Durga or Amba's divine power and power

12 Benefit of Aadhaar card

12 Benefit of Aadhaar  card
12 Benefit of Aadhaar  card

Aadhaar card can be defined as a document, in which 12 digit identification number is confirmed, which is provided to you by the Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) as a delegate of the Government of India. This number acts as proof of address and identity of people in different parts of India. Anyone can get the Aadhaar card, which includes the card. You can get it by downloading it through Indian post or UIDAI website. Both will be considered equally certified.

The government announced a number of services and facilities for Aadhaar card holders, if you have Aadhaar card then you can do some work easily and take advantage of several government schemes Are there

Benefits of Aadhar card

If you have Aadhar card then you can do property transactions at home. I.e. Property Transaction Paper Holds, Cashless and Human Lace for Holders of Aadhaar Card holders. For this, you simply have to give your bank account, basis, and biometric details.

1. Jhan Dhan Yojana - 
While opening a bank account under the Prime Minister Jhan Dhan Yojna in the country, proof of Aadhaar card is used as the main document of the form. The bank account comes with a large set of benefits like free zero balance savings account, rupee card, accident insurance and more.

2.The advantage of the health benefits
If you are an Aadhar card holder, then you can avail of e-hospital services. For this, you can book an appointment through Aadhaar card in government hospitals and major private hospitals.

3. Passport and Voter Identification -
 While receiving the passport, Aadhaar card will give you relief from the long process. An applicant who uses the Aadhaar card as part of the process card can get the passport within 10 days only. Apart from this, changes in rules and laws have been considered as compulsory documents to obtain a passport.

4. Basis in religious rites
Aadhaar card has been made compulsory for booking orphans in the Balaji Temple of Tirupati, the world's richest temple. This is because a person can worship only once.

5. Scholarship
Aadhaar card has been made compulsory for admission to colleges. If you want to get any kind of scholarship from the government or UGC, then you have to give your Aadhaar card.

 6. Digital locker
You will have to give your Aadhar card to open a digitizer under Digital India. By using the Aadhaar card, you will be able to create e-documents by submitting your E-Locker.

7. Pension
The EPF has also been linked to the Aadhar Card. For this, you will be able to find your PF and pension sitting in the house.

8. Income tax
Income Tax Department has given people the facility to e-verify income tax returns through Aadhaar card. That is, you will now have to add an e-filing account to the Aadhar card for complete income tax return.

9. Transport
Many states have made the Aadhar card mandatory for vehicle registration certificate, learning license, permanent driving license.

 10. The advantage of mid day meal
 Aadhaar card is mandatory for government schemes like mid-day meal, primary health care and initial education for all children running in the government schools.

11. LPG and other subsidies:
 You can get LPG subsidy in your bank account. All you have to do is enter your unique identification number (UIN). In fact, all government-related subsidies will not require you to register separately for every government benefit

12. Mobile Verification
Many mobile connections have been issued on counterfeit documents which are being used for illegal activities by non-social elements. In order to improve the fault of telecom service providers (TSP), the government has instructed them to add all mobile connections with Aadhaar number based on the verdict passed by the Supreme Court.

Gold Jewellery business plan in India

gold Jewellery business plan in India
Gold Jewellery business plan in India

Making jewelry in today's era is not just a noble work of goldsmiths. You can also create your future in jewelry making. In the beginning, you can start your work with a little investment.

Similarly, as the jewelry is not anymore the name of gold and silver, this work is never again left of the goldsmiths. Because of the developing interest in jewelry and rivalry in the market, the informed experts in this field are currently getting a chance to work. AP Singh, chief of the Bharat Ratna Science Center, said that "India has been at the bleeding edge of the world in jewelry making.  Due to getting cheap and good artisan here, the world's attention is sustained by India.

Now that period is also going gradually when people used to buy jewelry less than the necessity of the investment, which is more than the idea of make-up or less than the make-up thinking. These days people are starting to pay special attention to investment with the fact that the jewelry they are buying is how it is designed and if we wear it then how will it look. If the design is good, then the beauty of the person wearing will also be four moons. Due to the same thinking of people, in addition to gold and silver, artificial and costume jewelry is also making a lot of demand in the market

Well, jewelers are given the same kind of training, whether they are gold or silver, or who make both artificial or costumes. With today's changing trends and excellent prospects of a career in this field, youth are showing great interest in this regard. There is no shortage of money in this area.

Work of jewelry makers

In addition to making jewelry, modification, design etc. in this field, the basic knowledge of knowledge and caste technology, history of ornaments, stone cutting and engraving, measuring the purity of gems, selection of gems, price, setting, polishing, gold and terracotta pearls And using ivory teeth and shells, in addition to gems, soldering, fabrication, repair, are taught. If you are interested in art. Tenth or Twelfth Pass and want to do your work or you are not getting a good job or if you have not been able to get good marks in the exam, then you can earn huge amount by learning the work of making jewelry in this area. How come, let's know-

Choice of place

Jewelry making or designing requires a room with a width of at least 10 feet wide and 12 feet in length. To make bigger work, more space is needed in the same way. If you have learned to work with a wire or a pair of threads, you can do this by putting a counter on it. If you start this work in the markets that are being contacted around or near the Goldsmiths or Artificial Jewelry markets, then your work can go smoothly, because then you have to go down to the Goldsmiths or Artificial Jewelry merchants You will have to reduce marketing.

Equipment and Machines

To do this work you will need many tools and some machines, which are as follows: cutter, sand,  screwdriver, gas burner, coal furnace, melting furnace, mold, casting plant, wax mold i.e. wax Mold, wire, drawing machine, computer etc.


At least five lakh rupees are spent in doing this work. The more you want to work, the more the cost will be.
If you work only for soldering or to work in the work of pulling wire or adding the thread, then your work can start in twenty-thirty thousand rupees. You will have to bear the expenses of the place separately.


Hands ie collaboration means you will need at least how many workers to do this work, then tell you that you will need at least 15 people if you start work by spending five lakhs. If you start work by putting a counter, you will not need any other person's help or you can hire an artisan according to your work.


To become a jewelry maker, it is necessary to do a diploma or certificate course. For this, your minimum academic qualification should be twelfth. Some private institutes also provide training to the tenth-pass students. Large institutions enter admission on the basis of written examination and interview.

Duration of course

Courses of Jewelry Making Courses are from three months to two years. There are three to six months certificate courses, whereas diploma courses are conducted in one to two years. Nowadays, some institutes also offer weekly courses, which are taught to include soldering, cleaning the jewelry, pulling the wire and adding the fight.


The fee for the course of jewelry making depends on the training period, course and institution. The institutions teaching this work charge from Rs. 10 thousand to two lakh rupees. The institutions which teach only to apply to stitch, they charge from one thousand to five thousand.


The job of jewelry making is such a thing, in which your income keeps on growing as well. In this work, 15 percent of gold and silver is sold in alloy ie two-three metals and 5 percent in casting. Only other constructions made from jewelry from other metals are made. If you talk about net earnings, you can earn up to lac of rupees per month, starting with the cost of Rs. 5 lakhs, while there is little earning in making artificial or costume jewelry. The larger the level of your work or the increase, the income will also increase.
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If you do not have enough money to start the jewelry making work then you can also take a loan. You have two ways for this. To take a loan from the bank directly at a private level and to start work by taking a loan from the government or other government institution's schemes under the scheme of rural or urban self-employment scheme. In both ways, you will need to submit the necessary documents. These documents include a security report, ID proof, passport size photograph etc., according to a project report, place paper, bank or scheme. Apart from this, you also need two witnesses. The amount of the loan will depend on your project report, the size of the work, and the value of the place.

This work is good for growth. The number of people doing this work is increasing in the range of 13 to 15 percent every year. Not just gold and silver, Indian ornaments made of artificial and costumes are also very popular among foreigners. All the youth of the jewelry market are moving towards this area today. In this area, anyone can take up to 10th-12th-edited youthful steps and earn good money in a very short period. If you work correctly, it will prove to be an area where you can get all the costs involved and get it back within a year. It may also be that you earn a profit in the same year.

Importance of education in our life

importance of education in our life

Education means that the overall development of the person. The education system introduced by the British in our country was inadequate to meet the needs of the country. After independence, India is trying to reconstitute its education system. The right to education applied on 1st April 2010 is a major leap towards the universalization of education in our country. According to this law, the state will provide free and compulsory education to all children of six to fourteen years of age. Today, the state is seen as the main provider of education, the right to education by the United Nations is recognized as human rights. Many Western and Asian countries have adopted this as a law in their country, there are major obstacles to the implementation of the RTE Act in terms of manpower, logistics, and finance.

Report on primary education in India gives a sad picture: Our government should start a public awareness campaign so that parents can take advantage of this law. Education is a continuous process that helps the person prepare for his role as an enlightened member of society. This means that a person's spherical growth occurs. Education enables people to gain more control over their destiny. Education is the basis for a bright future when a person is educated, so it is likely to be more aware of their rights. The country ruled by a foreign ruler is usually deprived of a proper education system. Our country is no exception. The education system introduced by the British government in India was a large number of clerks. After independence, India is trying to reconstitute its education system in accordance with the requirements of the technical and industrial development of its country.

Many commissions have been set up periodically under the chairmanship of the well-known educationists to review policies and action plans for improvement. The Right of Free and Compulsory Education Act is a huge leap towards the universalization of education in India. In 1993, the Supreme Court's historic Unnikrishnan decision, given to the fundamental rights of education to all children till the age of 14 years. The court argued that fundamental rights (Article 21) for the life of the constitution should be read in 'harmonious construction', in which Article 45 should give free and compulsory education to the children of 0-14 years of age. However, in order to recognize the significance of Article 21A, the initial years introduced under the 86th Constitutional Amendment Act, 2002, 6-14-year-olds are not limited to the basic rights of education. Article 21A of the Constitution says: "The state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen years in such a way that the state can be determined by law." It is accepted globally That the early years are the most important year for lifelong development.

India cannot deny its youngest population of 16 crores contained in the Conference of Rights of Children in the form of right to education, health and childhood education, for which India is a signatory. On August 27, 2015, the Law Commission recommended to the government that children should be provided free and compulsory education from the age of 3 years and not under the scope of education for 6 to 14 years, for example, 90 percent of brain five years After the formation of fundamental rights to education bills in December 2002, the next governments in later years made several attempts to pass it in Parliament to enact it. Law finally came into effect on April 1, 2010, when India took the historic step of giving free and compulsory education to all children of the age group of 6-14 years. Today, the state is seen as the principal provider of education.

As of April 1, 2010, it was implemented for the state to provide children not only with free education but also for children of the age group 6 to 14 years of age. No child is detained or expelled, and no board examination will be held till the eighth grade. In private and minority schools, 25 percent reservation for poor children and one teacher for every 30 students is the prescribed standard. Children or parents do not need direct (school fees) or indirect costs (uniforms, textbooks, mid-day food, transportation) to get elementary education. Schools will have to constitute School Management Committees (SMC), which will include local officials, guardians, parents and teachers.

SMC is monitoring the use of government grants, the number of classes, infrastructure in schools, physically challenging, cleanliness and barrier-free access to safe drinking water. RTE has ordered to include 50 percent of the women and children of the disadvantaged groups in the SMC. India is entering late for a group of countries making laws for compulsory education. The right to education by the United Nations is recognized as human rights. In the West, most countries have enacted laws, gave primary education responsibility to the state. To make the state's responsibility to provide compulsory education, in 1870, the UK was one of the last countries of Europe. After this, in 1911 Gopal Krishna Gokhale urged the Imperial Assembly to give the right to education to the Indian people.

In our immediate neighborhood, India became the first with this law. There are huge obstacles in the implementation of the RTE Act in terms of manpower, logistics, and finance. There is a shortage of teachers in government schools, mostly in rural India. To improve the quality of learning, it is important that the government make clear budgetary provisions for the training of teachers. States need to recruit and deploy teachers in 30: 1 proportion, within three years, to establish neighborhood schools and to train all the teachers, they require a huge amount of money. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has extended a period of five years For estimation of around 34,000 million rupees per year is estimated. 2008-09 District Information System for Education Report on Primary Education in India presented a sad picture. There were 1.29 million government and private schools, more than 60 percent did not have electricity, 46.4 percent of the girls were not toilets and there was no border wall to ensure the safety of about 50 percent of the students.

Launched in March 2009, with the aim of increasing access to secondary education and improving its quality, by providing a secondary school within a reasonable distance of any housing till 2017, the National Secondary Education Campaign Scheme will be able to get a nomination rate of 100% is. Other objectives include improving the quality of education, eliminating gender, socio-economic and disability barriers, universal access to secondary education by 2017 and achieving universal retention by 2020. 75 percent of central government and 25 percent for state governments in the Eleventh Five Year Plan, the pattern of project expenditure for the twelfth plan is 50:50. Most of the poor parents do not know that education is now their child's right.

The government needs to start a massive awareness campaign so that parents can become aware of this act and take advantage of it. Implementation clearly holds the key to its success and it will obviously be the biggest challenge for the government. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said, "I want every Indian child, girl, and boy to be touched by the light of education". It is important for the country that we nurture our children and young people with the right to education so that the future of India can be secured as a strong and prosperous country. The government should give priority to social inclusion, and to make RTE a living reality, the concerns of scheduled tribes, scheduled caste, other backward classes, minorities, and women should be overcome.

difference between ipad and tablet

difference between ipad and tablet

IPad - is a tablet computer developed and designed by iPad Apple Inc. This is an iOS-based tablet which was first released on April 3, 2010. Just like any other tablet computer, the iPad's user interface has its multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard. In the case of its connectivity, the iPad has built-in Wi-Fi and other cellular connectivity on select models. Again, like many other tablet computers, the iPad can take pictures, play music, shoot videos, browse the web, and see the email. some other functions like social networking, GPS navigation, games, etc. are available for download through their built-in app, app store.

basic information about computer

Hardware information

  • Performance - While the first iPad only started with 256 MB DDR RAM and 1 GHz single core processor, the current models now come with 2GB LPDDR3 RAM and 1.5 GHz tri-core processor.
  • Screens and Inputs - The first two generations of the iPad had a touchscreen display of 7.75 x 5.82 inches, but since Apple said that a 7-inch screen was too small to express the characteristics of an iPad, they reached it to the minimum 10 Inch iPad has four physical switches/buttons, and these are your home, wake/sleep, and +/- volume control.
  • Battery - iPad uses an internal rechargeable lipo (lithium-ion polymer) battery. It is asserted that it can give up to 140 hours of audio, 10 hours of video, and one month on standby.  like every different reversible battery, it loses capability over time. Although it feels as good, it is not user-replaceable, which means that you have to stick with customer support for a replacement.
  • Storage - Usually, the iPad comes with various storage options such as 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB internal flash memory. Sadly, there is currently no alternative to expanding its storage.
  • Cellular connectivity - The iPad has only two basic types, Wi-Fi only with Wi-Fi and cellular support. Today, many other connections like CDMA support, LTE, quad-band GSM, and quad-band UMTS are included.
  • Audio and Output - In an iPad there are two internal speakers located on the bottom right of the unit. An audio-out jack located in the upper-left corner of the device is also available.

Software specifications

  • Interface - With the graphical list of interface installed applications, the focus is centered on the center of the home screen. Most applications can be accessed through multi-touch (the technique that enables one surface to identify one or more points of contact), which understands complex signals.
  • Multimedia - Audio-wise, Music Library layout is similar to an iPod that can sort your songs, artists, albums, videos, genres, playlists, podcasts, musicians, and compilations. Additionally, the display can be rotated for Landscape mode to reach Cover Flow (Animated, 3D Graphical UI). Video-wise, iPad can play digital video.
  • Applications - There are many pre-installed applications such as Safari, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iBook, Photo, Video, Maps, Notes, Calendar, and Contacts. You can download and install other apps from the App Store.

Android tablet - Android tablet is a computer tablet that uses a Linux-based operating system called Android. It was developed by Google, and it is offered as an open source (source code is available to the general public). It is supported by low-cost ARM systems and others (responsible for the architecture of the processor). In 2010 several systems were announced, which included smartphones that used Android. Since 2013, the Android tablet has already been the best selling operating system because it was introduced by many companies including Motorola, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba. To keep it simple, the Android tablet is not really a brand, but many tablets that use the same operating system, i.e., Android.

Features of an Android tablet

  • Has the ability to customize in the presence of the tablet.
  • While 'Google Play' has been a lot of criticism for years (inadequate applications are available), now it has progressed. Today, now there are a large number of apps and constantly growing. Android tablets come with more options in terms of features, size and price.
  • One of the most admirable features of the Android tablet is that there are actual multi-functions (other applications running in the background).
  •  As mentioned earlier, it is supported by low-cost ARM systems, and thus much cheaper than its top competitors, iPad tablet.
  • It comes with a memory of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, but can be expanded through micro SD card (not the available options for all Android tablets).

Jeans manufacturing business plan

  Jeans manufacturing business plan
  Jeans manufacturing business plan

Jeans manufacturing or denim production demands business knowledge about the opportunity to design and current trends. With proper planning and adequate capital investment, the jeans manufacturing project can be started on a small scale. Jeans are now very popular apparel in the form of comfortable or comfortable wear among men, women, and children.

Both popularity and demand are increasing day by day. In a country like India, jeans are demanded through import and domestic production. Unsatisfactory demand for jeans is expected to reach 4,292,506 pieces and 5,908,767 pieces by 2017 and 2022, respectively.

Jeans manufacturing business is economically viable. Entrepreneurs can expect an estimated internal rate of return of 21.31% (IRR). Overall, the increase in the volume of the world will be 4.8 percent, which will provide 2024 million units. Asia, China, India, Turkey, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have more than 50 percent denim production located in Asia.

Jeans manufacturing business plan

It is important to prepare a detailed business plan. Decide what type of genes you will produce. Jeans are pants, jackets, skirts and so on. Whether you just make men's clothes or eat all the food. According to the product, you will need to calculate startup capital investment including machines, crude materials, labor, and advertising costs. Decide your showcasing methodology.

Whether you create your own brand or create products for other brands. Accordingly, finance You can also apply for bank loan. A project report is advised in hand. These specific steps will not only help you gain confidence in investors but also help in finding the viability of the business.

Jeans Manufacturing Business Registration

To start the jeans manufacturing business you must first register your business. If you want to capture the export market, then you only have to apply for an export license.

Many licenses and permits are required from the local authority. Find them with a small business consultant Choose an attractive, attractive brand name for your product. You can protect the brand by registering the trademark.

Machinery for Jeans Manufacturing
Simple sewing machine
Chain sewing machine
folding machine
Stain machine removal
Washing machine
Cutting machine
embroidery machine
electric iron
Troli missing
Printing machine
Overlap machine
Logging machine
Apart from these, you will need computers, printers and office equipment to run a business.

Raw Material for Jeans Manufacturing

The main raw material needed for the manufacture of jeans is cotton cloth and ends in different colors. The cotton fabric used for the preparation of jeans is usually a tough blue cotton twill, also called denim cloth. This material can either be imported or purchased locally and can be used for this purpose until it meets the required quality and specification. Other accessories required are yarns, buttons, rivets, zips, stickers, washing acids, labels, etc.

The process of jeans manufacturing procedure

Significant unit activities in the generation procedure of jeans are: -
Check raw materials
Embroidery work
Fabric mask and negligence
Cutting and laying of various pieces
Arranging and stitching of various pieces
Operating finishing, such as washing, ironing and folding, and packaging.

Promote Your  Manufacturing Business

Start selling locally. You can set up a special store for your brand. You can also establish a strong distribution network through local apparel dealers and retailers.

Advertising and brand promotion are essential to achieving success. Brand Promotion is a strategy that is typically used in marketing to increase customer loyalty, product awareness, and sales.

Advertising provides a reason for the consumer to buy; Provides an incentive to buy sales promotion. Making interest is regularly viewed as the most imperative utilization of offers advancement.
Choosing the right demographic and addressing them correctly is an important factor in selling jeans. Continuously endeavor to be educated about the present pattern and mold. You can register your product with the popular online market. create your own

Use your social media to carefully use your website to attract the youth. You can register your product with the popular online market. Choosing the right demographic and addressing them correctly is an important factor in the genre manufacturing business. Continuously endeavor to be educated about the present pattern and mold. 

matchstick manufacturing business in india

matchstick manufacturing business in india

Starting a profitable business has never been a bad idea, even in this period of economic recession. There are some schools of thought which believe that recession is also the best period for entering some enterprises. So if you want to start your own profitable business, then you should consider joining the matchstick production business.
Since matches are used in almost every home and almost every industrial establishment, the demand for matches is always high. This means that there is huge profit potential in the Matchstick production business.
Regardless of the other means that fire can be burnt, they are not able to take all the vitality of matchstick, especially in this part of the world.

The modern "safety match" was introduced to the public by the Swedish scientist Gustaf Eric Pasch in the 19th century, but his early discovery took place through several important advances, making matches able to succeed today. So if you are looking for a business to join or invest in, you will get a good return in a short time, then you should consider going into this business.

Anyone can start a matchstick manufacturing business on a small scale with strict retention of safety measures. Matchsticks are consumer durable products and demand is increasing day by day. An entrepreneur with knowledge in channel distribution can start a matchstick producing business with medium capital investment.

You need to focus on choosing the appropriate place for this business. Matchstick manufacturing is about dealing with dangerous and explosive items. It is recommended to set up the unit in the industrial area. Otherwise, you will need to deposit 'no objection' from the neighbors where you are setting up the unit.

Business Plan for Matchstick Manufacturing Business

Create a comprehensive business plan for the Matchstick Manufacturing business. Define your business objectives and sales strategies. A customized project report is always recommended in hand. It will give you proper information about  the capital investment, machinery, raw material requirement and source. Get production protocols with the right formula from a trusted source.

Legal compliance for matchstick manufacturing business

Determine the legal pattern of business. Receive 'consent to establish' and 'consent to operate' permission from the pollution control board. There is also a need to get permission from the Fire Department. Get factory license from the government. Department Focus on the safety and fire prevention process. Get sales tax registration from the government. Rights.

Machinery and raw materials for matchstick manufacturing business

Start your production unit through a semi-automatic process. The first matchstick production was labor intensive. Now in the semi-automatic or automated process, different types of machinery are available for the production of a matchstick. Take training from suppliers. Check your customer testimonials before purchase.
Wood is one of the main ingredients used in matchstick production. The word "matchstick" already tells you that wood is the main component, so now you should know the kind of wood that is used to produce a piece of wood and finds that special wood supplier. Other essential raw materials are potassium chlorite, phosphorus sulfide, glass powder, zinc oxide, gum, color dye etc. In addition, you must have mailboxes and external boxes for packaging. Source of raw materials from reliable vendors at reasonable prices.

Marketing of Matchstick Manufacturing Business

When you work with production, you need to come up with good marketing techniques that people get to identify and preserve your product. One of such techniques is to discourage or encourage customers, this will motivate them to buy from you because people always preserve the subsidized product.
In addition, you can sell your product on the market to homes, restaurants, bars, eateries, industrial companies, retailers and wholesalers. You can also brand it for companies who use it for marketing purposes or for individuals for gifts in many celebrations.
Because matchsticks are consumer durable products, it demands branding activity to get market share. Matchsticks are sold in volume. The achievement of this business depends upon the solid channel organize. start offering locally. Provide a fascinating business deal to your channel partners.
In the Matchstick Manufacturing business, you need to focus on the quality of your product and the packaging. Install business tie-ups with retail brands. Ensure the availability of your product at each retail store in the area you are working in.

make money by flower farming business in india

 make money by flower farming business in india
flower farming
Flowers are the best way to express your heart's feelings to your loved ones. They have the ability to change the minds of individuals with a fragrant aroma. In India, no ritual is celebrated without flowers. They play an important role in every occasion and add beauty and life to the celebration. Most people like to arrange floral arrangements in flowering flowers in their dining rooms, offices, living rooms, halls etc. to spread fragrance and create a wonderful atmosphere in their homes. Women use flowers as part of their makeup. These flowers clean the air in your homes and offices and keep you away from toxic gases in breathing. Typically, toxic gases are dispersed from air conditioning and other devices to the surrounding areas and the air is made unclean. So, arranging flowers in your offices makes your indoor environment clean and pure.

Fully research before starting flower farming business

You need to thoroughly research the type of flower in your garden and you want to export flowers, supermarket etc. all over the world. Find all information about site and soil selection to increase cut flowers such as sunflower, marigold, rose,  pansies, geranium,, petunias, sedum, daylilies, daisies, Gaillardia, purple coneflower, and Alyssum.  By thoroughly researching all these points, you can proceed to start a business in a small backyard, after you gain experience, you can expand your business. The main purpose of this business is to fulfill the demands of the customer throughout the year apart from gaining the profit. Before starting a flower farm business, you need to make the right plans and ensure that you reach your set goals.

Fair business plan

Build a clear business plan that targets your farming business and how to achieve them. This is an important step where you can have a clear picture of what will be done and how many challenges you face and how to overcome them without any problems. To know tips and tricks in this flower business, it will be an added advantage to meet people who are already in this business. Review your plan thoroughly by those people. Focus on all the valuable suggestions given by them, which will help you to overcome all the challenges without facing the difficulties facing your business. Take all those points and apply them if you think they are very helpful in the development of your business but never underestimate their recommendations.

Choose the flowers you want to cultivate in your farm carefully

People choose to grow flowers in their fields, during which there is a huge demand in the market during all seasons. Your main objective is to earn profits, even if you grow flowers in your fields. You may or may not like some flowers, but if there is a lot of demand in the market, then you need to develop those flowers in your garden. Analyze the manpower required for your farm and understand issues in this type of business.

Try to remove issues in the flower farm business 

Understand the flower market where you will often sell your flowers. Find the niche market and analyze what others are offering and what the customers are hoping for and demanding a lot but it is missing in the market. You need to offer that what customers are expecting to achieve loyal customers and promote revenue. Always be strategic about growing and selling in the market, because the success factor and longevity of your business are based on both of these factors. Some flowers are very difficult to develop because they have to be very careful to cultivate, but they are purchased by most people in the market compared to the easily grown flowers .kir dugunu dekorasyonu

Create and maintain a customer database

You can create and maintain the customers' database in many ways for the business of your flower farm. The best and best way to find customers is to refer to business directories. You can get ads related to many other flower farm business, farmer's market etc., from which you can contact them to create your customer database. Creating a database helps you get business at crisis time.

Estimate the costs involved in the cultivation of flower farming

Initially, you need to analyze costs to clearly set up the agricultural business. As an entrepreneur, you need to do a cost-benefit analysis that helps you to understand the business, overhead costs and the money needed to buy profits. The costs you spend should always be less than your profits, try to reduce the unnecessary costs in your business. Practice crop rotation and organic farming which helps you to move your business to higher heights. Garden-Party-Buffet

Set the Fair Value for Your Business

Setting the price for your flowers will be a very challenging and challenging task. However, fresh flowers and high-quality flowers justify high costs. Your prices and quality of flowers should attract customers to your business over and over again. In addition to prices, customer feedback does not do much to get your response to queries, shipping time etc.

Expertise and professional manpower rent

Hire professionals to work in your farm because skilled workers will help you achieve the goals set for your business at a fast pace.

Follow the above steps and start your own farming business to earn high profits and revenues.

fish farming business in india

The fishery has taken the form of a big industry all over the world. Fish is the second largest producer of fish in the field of fish production. In the year 2017, India exported fish of 5 billion US dollars. Apart from millions of fishermen in India, now a large number of educated youth are also attracting this job. Currently, our country is producing more than 95 lakh metric tonnes of fish annually, out of which 36 percent are being made from marine sources and 64 percent of lake and ponds.

These days, the business of fish in the case of extremely rewarding employment has made Indian youth revolutionary. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has recently announced the system for giving strong support to this profitable venture and promoting pisciculture and the welfare of the people engaged in this business while presenting the General Budget Lok Sabha. Now a fishing card will also be given to fish farmer farmers. In addition, the government is also seriously promoting organic farming. In order to meet the demand of organic fish in European countries, India has now been signed with the Swiss company to promote organic fisheries.
In order to promote organic fisheries in coastal areas of India, this agreement has been signed between retail and wholesalers, Chop Cooperative and Marine Products Export Development Authority. Initially, this pilot will be launched in Kerala under the project and if successful then it will be expanded. At present, approximately one thousand hectares of Kerala will be after the Black Tiger variety of Blogger varieties. Special food is required for organic fisheries. In this way, a small level feed mill will also be set up to prepare organic food. In addition, farmers will be given fresh training in fishery training.

Slip cooperatives operating more than 2200 outlets in European countries have previously done organic fisheries in Vietnam and farmers are benefiting from it. Organic fishermen are earning more money than traditional farming farmers here. According to A Jaitil, president of the Authority, due to the biological method, many farmers are hesitant to do so due to the cost of fisheries. Due to the agreement, farmers will get higher prices than normal fish and this will encourage fishermen. Generally, biological fish production is less compared to fish than fish, but it is very suitable for long periods. There is less risk in it. India is the largest exporter of seafood after China. During the year 2016-17, 11 lakh 34 thousand 9 48 tonnes of seafood was exported from the country. The result of the export of shrimp and frozen fish resulted in a revenue of Rs 37 thousand 870 crores.
At any rate, fish feed is becoming the most profitable business in almost every state of the country. Millions of rupees are being made annually from an acre pond with mixed fish farming. Since this work occurs only during rainy days and one crop takes twenty days. Production of three-four crops in a year is making huge earnings. Living fish in the pond, when they grow up, they are being made to earn extra profit. A pond which is very small and does not contain water for more days, it is not possible to produce large fish, but there is also a good income from producing cumin (fish seed).

In 25 days, farmers are earning 25 thousand rupees and 25,000 to 15-20 thousand annually in Nashik 25 ponds. Area of fishery should be 0.5 to 5.0 hectare and the entire year depth should be 1.5 to 2.0 meters. The biological ecology of the pond, whether the life of fish is favorable to biological activity and their production, it is necessary to understand the condition of the first dissolved oxygen content, according to the conditions of the poisonous gases and the conditions of natural food, according to proper management, they improve quality Can. It is necessary to clean the pond before adding the seeds of fish (cumin seeds).
All aquatic plants and tuna and small fish should be removed from the pond. It is good to clean and take care of the aquatic plants by keeping the workers that it can not be reproduced. To eliminate manure and rustic fish, the pond should be completely dry or poison should be used. For this, after feeding one thousand kilogram mahua in the one-acre pond, the fish becomes unconscious in two to four hours. Fish can be eaten by using 200 kg per acre of bleaching powder in water. The effects of these poisons in the water last for 10-15 days. The new technology has created a new revolution in the fishing industry.

Fisheries are creating job opportunities, increasing food supply as well as playing an important role in earning foreign exchange. There is no definite educational qualification and age limit for training in the fishing industry, but for the diploma, the candidate should be a science graduate. The diploma comes from the respective colleges related to fishery-related to the country.

Young people from small towns and villages, who are less educated, are also earning a good livelihood by the fisheries industry. The government provides loans up to Rs. 10 lakh for fish farming This money can be deposited on easy installments and low interest. By obtaining diploma or degree in the fisheries industry, young people, semi-government, autonomous bodies and state government training centers can get employment. The only institution providing fishery education in India is 'Institute of Fisheries Education' in Mumbai.

10 ways to concentrate on studies and learn faster

10 ways to concentrate on studies and learn faster
 ways to concentrate on studies and learn faster

how much time should I spend on  study
If you are a student, then you think that this is not enough. I know ... you have lots of work to do to work, projects to work, and test to study.
In addition, you have other activities and commitments. And I'm sure you also want a social life.
If you can study smart (not hard), get good grades, and lead a balanced life, will not it be good?
Of course, this will happen. That is the reason I composed this article.
The main objective of education is not to get A straight. But learning to learn is an important life skill.
So I spend hours spent on scientific articles and research journals to find the best ways to learn more effectively.

1. Learn the same information in different ways.

Research shows that different media stimulate various parts of the brain. More areas of the brain are active, the more likely you are to understand and maintain the information.

So to learn a specific topic, you can do the following:

  • Read class notes
  • Read textbook
  • Watch a study related  video
  • Look at other online resources
  • Create a Brain Map
  • Teach what you have learned
  • Make Practice Problems from Different Sources

Of course, you will not be able to do all these things in one sitting. But every time you review the subject, use a different resource or method - you will learn faster in this way.

2. Instead of concentrating on one or two topics, study many topics each day.

Studying many topics each day is more effective than comparing deep dive into one or two topics

For example, if you are preparing for examinations in mathematics, history, physics, and chemistry, then it is better to study each subject each day. This approach will help you to focus on math on Monday, focus on history on Tuesday, physics on Wednesday, chemistry on Thursday etc.


Because if you study the same subject in the same subject then you are likely to confuse the same information.

So to study smart, spread your study time for each topic. In doing this, there will be more time to strengthen your learning in your mind.

3. Review information from time to time rather than cramming.

Periodic review is required if you want to transfer information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. This will help you get better examination grades.
Since the research shows, periodic review beats down by hand.

The optimal review gap varies, depending on how long you want to retain the information.

4. Sit in front of the class.

If you choose where you sit during the class, take the front seat. Studies show that front-facing students get higher examination scores. The average score of the students, based on class seating

This means that it does not just sit in front of more motivated students, and the less motivated students opt to sit behind.

By sitting on the front, you will be able to see the board and the teacher will be able to listen more clearly, and your concentration will also improve.

Now you know where the best seats are in the class!

5. Don't perform multiple tasks. 

Information is decisive: Multitasking makes you less profitable, more diverted and idiotic.  Studies likewise demonstrate that individuals professing to be great in performing multiple tasks are not by any means superior to the normal individual.
Effective students focus on only one thing at a time. Do not try to study, while interactively answering text messages, watching TV and checking your Twitter feed.

Here are some suggestions for improving your concentration:

  • Turn off notifications on your phone
  • Keep your phone away, or turn it into airplane mode
  • Log out of all instant messaging programs
  • Stop Internet access on your computer
  • Use an app like freedom
  • Close all your internet browser windows that are not related to the work you are working on
  • Clear the disorder from your study area

6. Simplify, summarize and compress information.

Whenever possible, study smart using pneumonic devices. In addition, you can summarize the information in a comparison table, diagram or brain map.  These tools will help you to learn information faster.

7. Take notes by hand rather than using your laptop.

Scientists recommend it, not just because you are more likely to give online maladies when using your laptop. Even when a laptop is used to take notes only, learning is less effective


Because students who take notes by hand, process and reprint the information. On the contrary, laptops note-takers write that the teacher first says what word-word-words is without processing the word.

In such cases, students who take notes by hand, perform better in testing and examinations.

8 Exercise at least three times a week.

Exercise is good for your body. It is also very good for your brain.

Various studies have shown that the practice ...

  • Improve your memory 
  • Improve your brain function 
  • Reduces the incidence of depression
  • Helps in preventing diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis
  • Increases the quality of your sleep
  • Reduces stress
  • Improve your mood 
  • Exercise is quite a miracle drug!

To do a better study, exercise at least three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each time. You will be healthy and more energetic, and you will remember the information better

9. Test yourself often.

Decades of research have shown that self-test is important if you want to improve your academic performance.
Just do not read your textbook or your class notes inactive. Study smart by questioning yourself on important concepts and equations. And when you are ready for a trial, practice as much as you can from different sources.

10 Take regular study breaks.

study break

Taking regular study breaks enhances overall productivity and improves focus

This is the reason why it is not good to pierce yourself in your room for up to six hours straight to study for the exam. You feel that you can do a lot like this, but research proves otherwise. So take a break of 5 to 10 minutes for every 40 minutes work.

I recommend using a timer or stopwatch to remind you to take a break and when to come back to study.

During your break, avoid using your phone or computer, because these devices completely prevent your brain from being completely comfortable.

causes and prevention of global warming

 causes and prevention of global warming
 causes and prevention of global warming

Due to different social and financial elements, the Earth is getting hot consistently. As indicated by specialists, since the year 1900, the entire planet has recently warmed up to 0.8 degrees Celsius. In any case, before the finish of the 21st century, because of a worldwide temperature alteration, the temperature of the Earth is relied upon to increment from 2 to 5 degrees Celsius. Because of the expansion in temperature, there is a terrible impact on the climate, which is causing environmental change on Earth and debilitating the presence of the Earth.

Factors Responsible for Global Warming

Different gases present in the air are warming because of the expansion in the normal temperature of the Earth's air, because of which the temperature of the Earth is rising. Because of substantial scale deforestation, the measure of carbon dioxide, methane and different gases on Earth have expanded a great deal, which is engrossing the temperature and making heat obstruction in nature.

Side Effects of Global Warming

  • The water level of the ocean is constantly ascending because of new water swamps, marsh urban areas and islands because of seawater.
  • Because of progress in rain cycle in numerous spots because of progress and in a few zones fire and some different territories are in the hold of the surge.
  • Snowflakes are liquefying because of which the life of polar bears is debilitating in light of the fact that the climate of their eating regimen is declining.
  • Glaciers are melting slowly.
  • Animals are getting extinct.

The impact of human activities on global warming

We are engaged in some such activities in everyday life, from which the gas is discharged in vast sums in the climate of the Earth. For example, in order to meet the energy needs in our cars, homes and industries, we have to combust oil, gas and coal, which causes very high greenhouse gases in our environment.  Because of environmental change, hot and cold rains are at the peak of the weather. This situation can damage the plants and the animals of the earth, and due to them rapid storms and severe drought conditions can also arise.

Measures to slow down global warming

We can start efforts to reduce the speed of global warming by using less energy in our home, school or church. First of all, we have to use the illumination of lights and at the same time, we will have to reduce our dependence on private vehicles while applying the carpool. Aside from this, we need to advance the utilization of common assets like renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy to meet our energy-related needs. The use of energy efficient LED bulbs for lighting is also a good option as they reduce energy consumption by up to 75% compared to ordinary bulbs. Also, we should develop more forests because they absorb most of the greenhouse gases and shield the earth from getting hot.

India's responses to climate change

Just before the United Nations Climate Conference in December 2016, India had appropriately said that developed countries should not only talk about reduction of emissions but they should help poor countries with adequate finance and technology so that they And make themselves prepared to manage the unfavorable impacts of environmental change. Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar had said that efforts to make an adaptation, capacity building and strengthening rural communities to deal with the unfavorable impacts of environmental change will be given top priority by the government so that the challenges faced by climate change Proper resolution can be done.


We have to expand our own understanding of the relationship between climate change and nature. To manage the outcomes of an Earth-wide temperature boost, we should endeavor to discover all the important choices, which can be acquired through a better compromise of innovative and social adjustments. According to the report submitted to the Congress by the American National Science Academy of Science in 1991, "the implication policy of greenhouse warming", the US can diminish the present discharges by 50 percent, with no cost just by enhancing its viable limit.  We should stop the use of fossil fuels; otherwise, the amount of carbon emitted will exceed the amount of carbon present in the biosphere. We need to expand the utilization of sustainable power source so we can manage the symptoms of a dangerous atmospheric deviation.  Obviously, apart from the initiatives being taken by the government and voluntary organizations, it is possible by all the people's involvement and efforts to prevent the risk of global warming.

how to stop plastic pollution in the ocean

how to stop plastic pollution in the ocean
how to stop plastic pollution in the ocean

Plastic bags spread over the sea have become a very big problem, in which humanity needs to seriously consider. For this, first of all, we need to restrict the throwing of plastics near sea shore and water bodies. The methods given below can be solved with such problems.

  •  Keep out oils, fat, or oil from the sink. Stop from pouring cooking oil, fat or oil down the kitchen sink. Rather, keep a container that gathers every one of the fats, oil or oil at that point dispose of in strong waste.
  • We should avoid throwing plastic bags in and around the open because, in the end, they reach the sea while passing through many aquatic routes.
  • We should increase the recycling and recycling of plastic by arranging a good recycling system.
  • Currently, the distribution and packing system depend on plastic, in which change is required. For this, we need to pay attention to the environmentally friendly measures, to protect the marine life.
  • We must adopt fully biodegradable plastic bags, which are made from plants and adapted to the environment.
  • We must establish a system of fully recycling plastic bags.
  • We need to bring awareness about this issue in the general public and there is a need to educate the people about plastic use.
  • We should always clean the coastal areas of our area and ensure the disposal of plastic bags, from which the plastic cannot be flown in the sea.
  • At the same time, we need to encourage research to safeguard marine life with the fatal consequences of plastic.
  • By controlling the production of plastic, the extent of the safety of marine life can also be ensured.
  • By marking those areas, where the plastic is disposed of in the amount, the use of plastic in those places and areas should be strictly prohibited.

Prevention is the Best Action 

We should put a complete ban on the use of plastic bags because this is the best solution to this problem. In order to promote such restrictions, governments across the world should pay heavy taxes on plastic bags. In this case, some well-known countries like Spain, Croatia, Greece, and Israel have already imposed heavy taxes on the use of plastic bags, thereby causing huge reductions in the use of plastic bags in these countries. Taking lessons from these countries, we need to reduce the production of plastic bags as well as reduce their production.

 Public awareness is important for Conserving Marine Life.

We have already identified this problem as to how plastic bags are reaching in the sea and now there is a need to make meaningful initiatives about this problem. We need to make stringent laws regarding stopping plastic production to keep the marine environment clean. With this, we also need to follow such rules strictly. Apart from this, we need to make people aware of this problem and give information about all the rules related to it.

It is most essential to increase public awareness of the disposal of plastic bags in this regard. Apart from this, we also need the development of such a system, in which at least the use of plastic bags will be used. In other words, we should only encourage the use of plastic bags that can be recycled, or the entire ban on all types of plastic bags is the best solution to this problem.


Throwing plastic bags in open areas is a major problem because, in the end, these drains are found in the ocean, through the water spaces. Plastic bags are a serious problem for marine life under which many types of organisms come in. This is the time when we need to understand the serious consequences of marine life by our responsibilities and plastic bags. Therefore, considering the responsibility of humankind as its responsibility towards the sea creatures, plastic bags should be used in this manner, so that they do not reach rivers, oceans and other water sources.

how to make earphones at home

how to make earphones at home
how to make earphones at home

Wireless earphones have begun since the iPhone 7. Apple is the first smartphone with the iPhone 7 wireless earphones. This phone was presented to everyone in the year 2016. Now many people will be interested in using Wireless Earphones, but they will have to buy an iPhone 7 to use it. For this, the user will have to spend 70,000 rupees. There is no need to spend so much money on the iPhone 7 just for wireless earphones. That's why we have brought a way for you to use the wireless earphone without buying the iPhone 7.

This processing does not cost much money, just for this, you need a few things. Let's tell you how you can prepare your own wireless headphones, you need to have an old headphone to create wireless headphones, as well as keep scissors, lighter, Bluetooth modules and blades.

  1.  First, cut the old earphone from the middle,
  2. After this, cut the wire of one part of the earphone bigger than the other part wire.
  3.  After that, cut the lower part of the wire with the help of a wire cutter.
  4. Now cutting the lower part of the wires with the help of a lighter, clean the wire while scratching.
  5.  Now add the parts of the two wires, and then sold them.
  6.  After this take a Bluetooth module, you will find it easily in a market like a circuit plate, which will get two small sockets. or  The Bluetooth module can easily be found online, it comes in the price of 250 or 300 rupees. Your Bluetooth headphones will get power from the Bluetooth module's battery. To create a wireless headphone, first, remove the wire by cutting it from both ends with the help of a scissor with your old headphone.
  7.  Now add this earphone wire to the Bluetooth socket respectively. You can use the soldering machine to add.
  8. Then connect Bluetooth to your smartphone by turning on the button in the Bluetooth module.
  9.  After making the connection, the sound will start coming from your earphone.

Still, if you can not do it, do not be scared, you will find videos on YouTube which will help you create wireless earphones in this way.

sewing machine problems and solutions

sewing machine problems and solutions
sewing machine problems and solutions

There's nothing more terrible than working with an uncooperative sewing machine! Broken or tangled strings, skipped join, snapped needles—it can make for an extremely disappointing background. Yet, the greater part of these issues can be settled without taking your machine in for costly repairs. We've gathered a rundown of probably the most widely recognized sewing machine issues, and their answers, to enable you to investigate even while mid-venturer!

1. string  bunching up under your fabric when sewing

In case you're seeing bunches of additional string on the underside of your sewing, there are a few likely guilty parties. To start with, expel your sewing from the machine. You may need to slice through all the additional string to get it free. Don't just force it free, or you chance to harm the instrument of your machine, also your texture! Once your undertaking has been liberated, painstakingly evacuate all the cut bits of string also. Presently you're prepared to distinguish the issue. Keep a piece bit of your texture close by to test arrangements as you attempt them.

Expel your best string and re-string the machine, being mindful so as to take after the threading schematic gave in your machine's manual. Ensure your presser foot is up while threading—numerous machines bolt the pressure circles when the presser foot is down, making it difficult to string the machine through the plates accurately.

Evacuate and re-string your bobbin. A few machines are specific about which way the bobbin loosens up. Counsel your manual to make sure it's embedded effectively.

Ensure you are utilizing a similar sort of string in both best string and bobbin. A distinction in string weight usually makes machines drawstrings at various rates, prompting tangles and bunches.

Change your strain settings. This is a typical issue, particularly on the off chance that you run from working with an overwhelming texture to a sensitive one (or the other way around) without making sure to change your settings. Test your strain settings on a piece of your venture's texture to ensure everything is right.

2. Twisted  or broken needle

This is a hazardous issue that can be perilous and in addition irritating. Continuously utilize another needle for another undertaking. This keeps needles from getting dull or snared at the tip, which can harm your texture. Ensure you're utilizing the correct kind of needle for the current undertaking—weave textures do best with a ballpoint, or shirt needle, while calfskin, vinyl, or denim will require sharp, durable needles. On the off chance that your needle breaks or twists, quit sewing instantly. Deliberately evacuate the broken needle and place it in a compartment to be discarded appropriately. Supplant the needle with the right kind for your venture, being certain to introduce it as indicated by your sewing machine's manual. Re-string, and proceed with your undertaking. In case you're utilizing the right needle, however, you keep on having issues with breaking or twisting, you may have hidden mechanical issues with the planning instrument, which will require master repair.

3. Texture not feeding

Ensure if your machine has a drop-feed setting that it has not been actuated, and that you don't have a weaving or darning plate covering the feed mutts. You'll additionally need to make certain that your presser foot is down, and is set to the right weight for your texture—too little or an excessive amount of weight results in a poor feed. When beginning a crease, ensure the texture is the distance under the needle before bringing down your presser foot.

4. String keeps breaking

Check the sort of string that you're utilizing. Sensitive strings intended for hand sewing are not appropriate for use in a sewing machine. Your best and base strings ought to likewise be of a similar weight. Re-string your best string, ensuring your presser foot is up while threading. In case despite everything you're having issues, bring down the pressure settings for your best string.

5. The machine is  skipping stitches

There are a few conceivable purposes behind your machine to skip join. To start with, watch that your needle is introduced effectively, not twisted or generally harmed and that you're utilizing the correct sort of needle for your undertaking. In the event that the best string isn't achieving the bobbin, the strings won't bolt legitimately, bringing about a skipped join. Re-string your machine, both best and bobbin strings, and test. In the event that your machine is as yet skipping join, there might be an issue with the planning, which will require master repairs.

6. Bobbin tension not consistent

In the event that you end up always modifying the strain off your bobbin string, check the bobbin itself. Plastic bobbins particularly can wear, making them become free inside the bobbin lodging and making it hard to keep up the right strain. Take a stab at changing to another metal bobbin and check whether that purposes the issue.

7. Creases in stretch fabrics coming out wavy

This one might be a sewing machine issue, yet it can likewise be an issue with your strategy. To begin with, alter the manner in which you're sewing. Ensure the sum of your task is upheld while you're sewing. The heaviness of the texture alone can be sufficient to make sews or other stretch textures extend while you're sewing, so don't give your texture a chance to wrap off the table while you work. Let the feed puppies do practically everything, and abstain from pulling on the texture to fix it as you sew. Stick a long time before you begin! In case despite everything you're seeing issues, change the weight of your presser foot, or even better, change to a mobile foot, which will encourage the best and base layers of your texture under the needle at a similar rate, evading that mutilation.

8. Sewing machine seizes up or won't sew

It's normal to need to give your machine a touch of assistance by turning the handwheel, particularly when you're simply kicking a crease off. In any case, on the off chance that you have to drive the wheel to turn, or the machine doesn't get after a touch of help, stop what you're doing! Likely, your texture is excessively extreme for your machine, making it impossible to sew, and proceeding to attempt will harm your machine. In case you're not working with an especially intense texture, ensure that your needle is introduced effectively and is the correct sort. Expel it to watch that it isn't twisted. In case regardless you're having issues with your machine, not sewing, check your manual for cleaning and upkeep tips. A development of fluff and build up can make it intense for your machine's systems to work accurately.

9. The needle comes unthreaded before sewing

How irritating! You simply spent ages getting that string through the aperture of the needle, and when you go to begin sewing, it unthreads itself. Fortunately, there's a simple fix for this one. Prior to threading your machine, simply ensure that the needle is at its most noteworthy point. You can do this by winding the handwheel toward yourself (dependably twist it toward yourself since this advances the machine—winding it in reverse can make strings tangle) while watching the needle. A few machines additionally have an "up/down" capacity that enables you to raise or lower the needle naturally to its most noteworthy or least point.

10. Texture or thread are bunching at the start or end of seams

Your creases should lay superbly level from one end to the next, however, it's normal to see packing or tangled strings at the closures. This is caused by backstitching (or back-attaching) over the closures of the texture, which changes the strains your sewing machine encounters and causes tangles. Evade this by sewing an additional couple of millimeters into your texture before backstitching toward the beginning of creases, so the back stitches are altogether made through texture and not over the edge. Correspondingly, when finishing a crease, backstitch before you hit the edge, and after that sew straight off the edge for a decent clean wrap up.

11. String inconsistently knots, loosens, or tangles

This can be a goading issue to find. One moment, everything's sewing along fine and dandy, and the following, your machine has tangled, skipped fastens, or hitched up the strings. On the off chance that the issue is conflicting, the issue isn't probably going to be your threading or strain settings. Rather, the issue is most likely lighten! Truth is stranger than fiction, the little bits of build up and dust that development inside your sewing machine, particularly in and around the bobbin case, can cause no finish of challenges on the off chance that they wind up in an unlucky spot. Stay away from the issue by routinely cleaning your machine per the directions in your manual. Many sewing machine producers prescribe utilizing brushes or vacuum connections to evacuate build up; while utilizing jars of packed air may appear like a smart though, they frequently tend to drive modest bits of build up assist into the component, where they can keep on wreaking devastation. It's best to take after the maker's guidelines!

12. String fraying, shredding, and breaking

On the off chance that your string looks as if it's experienced the factory, it's most likely an issue with your needle. Ensure that your string and needle sizes are good—your needle should be sufficiently expansive for the string you're utilizing to go through the eye without getting or pulling. In the event that your needle and string are contrary, there's a decent shot either isn't right for your venture in any case, so begin by ensuring you have the correct devices for your materials.

13. Texture feed is inconsistent

Indeed, even creases are the sign of a decent sewist, however, it very well may be frightfully hard to oversee if your machine isn't drawing the texture equally. There are a few conceivable purposes behind uneven feed, and the guilty party, as anyone might expect, is typically the feed pooches. In the event that your machine is more established, it's conceivable the feed mutts may have sufficiently exhausted that they aren't getting the texture equitably. They can ordinarily be supplanted, and your machine can be running great as new in the blink of an eye. In the event that your machine is new, have a go at cleaning around the feed puppies. Build up tends to develop around there, especially if your machine has a drop-feed work. On the off chance that neither of these is by all accounts the issue, have a go at expanding the weight of your presser foot to ensure your texture keeps up even in contact with the